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The rights of women in Quran

God created man and woman in equal rank

Arab thinker- Ali Mohamed Al Shorafa Al Hammadi
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Almighty God said in Surat An-Nisaa:(O human beings! Fear your Lord, Who has created you from one being, Who created your spouse and from both descended many men and women. Fear God, in Whose name your rights are claimed , and respect family ties, God is watching you. (Sura Al-Nisaa 1)

This noble verse is an eternal truth, that God created man and woman in equal rank and assigned each one his responsibility in life. He made the man the guardian of the woman, and assigned him the responsibility of care and protection, and ensuring the woman’s requirements of her necessities of life for her and her children who are from her womb.

And giving birth to the female is a responsibility no less than the responsibility of the male, which begins with the pregnancy and birth of children, taking care of their upbringing, nursing them, feeding them and ensuring their comfort, in addition to this great responsibility and the suffering that the woman goes through during pregnancy of the pain and patience that she takes to give birth to her child, and another suffering begins, in feeding it, raising it and ensuring its comfort, and in addition to that the Creator commanded her to keep silent with her husband, to watch over his comfort and take care of him in his illness.

And if we compare the size of the responsibility entrusted to the woman, we will find that it is twice the specific responsibility of the man in carrying out sustenance and spending on household affairs and family needs, with the difference in responsibility between them.

Despite this, we find that men have eclipsed the rights of women in their legislation and what they invented of unjust jurisprudence completely confiscated the right of women and considered them a mere pleasure for men, a servant in the house and a nanny for their children. children, and he has the right to expel her from his house whenever he wants with the word (divorce) without his rights.

If we reflect on the Holy Quran, we will find a large number of verses related to the rights of women, which exceed seventy verses, including legislation, sentences and sermons to protect women from any abuse in their treatment by the husband, to Despite the great responsibility she has for pregnancy, lactation, parenting and staying up late, in addition to the responsibility of the home where Her responsibilities are tripled with those of a man.

Men have monopolized the writing of law books, and personal status laws in Arab societies have been based on it in a way that violates divine legislation, violating all the rights of women with all tyranny and selfishness to serve their personal whims and desires to be superior to women and humiliate them so that their mission is to procreate, educate and serve in the home.

Jurists have crossed the red lines in divine legislation that gave justice to women, and put a shield that preserves their rights.

The Qur’an presented a large amount of legislation related to it in more than one sura, namely (Surat An-Nisa and Surat Al-Talaq), and included Surat Al-Baqarah, Surat Al-Ma’idah, Surat Al-Noor, Surat Al-Mujadila, Surat Al-Mumtahinah and Surat Al-Tahrim also many specific verses for women.

If one reads the insight of the Holy Qur’an in mentioning the status of women and their rights in relation to men, we will find that male or male is mentioned with a slight vote, because Almighty God knows the arrogance of man’s power. , arrogance and excellence in masculinity, which gives him the right of sovereignty over women, going over all legislation and divine order to satisfy himself and fulfill his selfish desires.

Throughout the centuries, the jurisprudence of the personal state remained confined to men, and none of them sought to follow the divine legislation and its decrees regarding the judgments of women that preserve their rights.

Therefore, since the woman did not have a role in participating with the man in the legislation and deriving decisions from the noble verses to put in place Personal status laws are consistent with divine legislation, to change the characteristics of society Arab and Islamic in the protection of the family, to create a safe and stable environment to raise children and care for them in knowledge and morals, where Arab and Islamic societies advance in education, creativity and positive contribution to the progress of humanity in all fields.

But the failures of the jurisprudence that are contrary to the law of God, unfortunately caused the displacement of children in the streets, causing them to get lost among drugs, begging and theft, and some of them were exploited by terrorist groups and turned into monsters. and murderers and desecrated their humanity, and societies lost tens of thousands of young people who could have become the locomotive of progress and development of their societies.

Therefore, the issue of divorce requires the need to return to the Book of God, which commands justice and fairness and prohibits aggression in all its moral and material forms.

To correct the course of the Arab and Islamic family, a committee of legal experts must be formed equally between men and women, so that their mission is to correct the balance of justice and establish a new personal status law based on a reference, which is the Book of God and its verses only, so that we can take a courageous step towards building solid and just foundations that achieve reconciliation. between men and women, and define the responsibility of each of them to build a society of cooperation, intimacy and mercy, and maximize affection between spouses, to fulfill their mission of building strong and lasting girls who transcend small differences. Its ultimate goal is to care for and preserve children, and protect the family from disintegration because the family is the foundation of society, then the Arab and Islamic societies can progress, develop and advance and lead human civilization towards justice, freedom, mercy and peace. .

Almighty God has honored woman and mother in the saying of the Almighty: (I have ordered the human being to do good to his parents. His mother has carried him [in the womb] with effort, and with pain she gave birth to him. The period of pregnancy and lactation lasts thirty months. When he reaches maturity, when he reaches forty years of age, he should say [in supplication]: “Oh, my Lord! Make me know how to thank you for the favors you have granted us, both to me and to my parents, and that I may perform works good that please You. Grant me pious offspring. I repent to You [of my sins] and I am from the Muslims.” ) (Sura Al-Ahqaf 15)

This verse describes the suffering of the mother during the stages of pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, for which the Creator commanded to be kind to her, respect her and take care of her for the bitter pain she incurred. her children to glorify the role of the mother, appreciate her, take care of her, sympathize with her, take care of her in her health and in her illness, and not offend her in any circumstances. The man and the woman are the foundation of the family, and the family forms the foundation of the society.

God also established provisions that the husband must fulfill in the saying of the Almighty:(If they express the will to divorce to their wives and they comply with the waiting period, they cannot prevent them from getting married, if they have mutually agreed [on] correct grounds. Thus [God] exhorts those who truly believe in God and in Judgment Day. This is better and healthier. God knows [everything] and you don’t.(Sura Al-Baqara 232)

This is the exception that allows spouses to return after divorce if the spouses have reasonably agreed to preserve the continuity of the marital relationship, which consequently leads to protecting the family from disintegration. Stable climate in which love, affection, and compassion flow between parents, giving children security and self-confidence, and fewer psychological illnesses that arise due to parental separation and problems resulting social, such as pulling children and loitering in the streets.

Proof of the equality of men and women is the saying of the Most High:(To the believer who does what is right, whether male or female, I will give him a good life and multiply the reward of his good deeds.Surah Al-Nahl97)

Almighty God said:(God has reserved His forgiveness and a great reward for the Muslim men and women, the believers and the believers, the pious men and women, the righteous men and women, the patient men and women, the humble and the humble, those who do charity and those who do charity, those who fast and those who fast, the modest and modest, those who frequently remember God and those who frequently remember God. (Sura Al-Ahzaab 35)

The Noble Qur’an holds men and women equally responsible for the creation of Adam. The Almighty said:(But the demon whispered to them in order that they [disobey God and thus] make it clear to them what was previously hidden [of their nakedness] from them, saying: “Your Lord forbade you to approach this tree lest you become angels or immortal beings”.(Sura Al-A’raaf 20)

And his saying:(He seduced them with tricks. When they both ate from the tree, their nakedness became manifest and they began to cover themselves with leaves from the Garden, then their Lord called them: “Had he not forbidden them to eat from this tree? Had he not warned them that the demon was his declared enemy? (Sura Al-A’raaf 22)

And his saying:(They are your clothing, and you are their clothing.)Al-Baqara 187)

Almighty God said:(They have both the right to good treatment and the obligation to treat their husbands well. (Al-Baqara 228)

The noble verse means that the spouses should cooperate together in married life equally, because they have the same common right that they have, and this similarity means equality.

And when God says:(Men are responsible for the care of women because of the [physical] differences that God has placed between them, and because of their obligation to support them with their material goods. Pious and upright women obey God and in the absence of their husband they They remain faithful, as God commands. To those of whom you fear mistreatment and animosity, exhort them, take distance by not sharing the bed, and finally put a physical limit; if they obey them [in what God orders], do not claim or recriminate them more God is Sublime, Great.Surah Al-Nisaa 34)It means assigning the man full responsibility for caring for the wife and protecting the family. Spending on her and defending her safety, and together they participate in the planning of the family’s life and the disintegration that it brings about.

God, Glory be to Him, has established rules and regulations that surround the family. Protective shield to keep it going. Even in the case of an alleged accusation of the woman by the husband, he establishes conditions that protect the woman from suspicion and preserve the existence of the family in the saying of the Almighty🙁 If a woman is accused of fornication, four witnesses [eyewitnesses to the act] must testify against her. If the witnesses confirm the fact, sentence them to life imprisonment in their homes or until God grants them another way out. (Sura Al-Nisaa 15)

And his saying:(To those who defame decent women [accusing them of being fornicators or adulterers] and do not present four witnesses, give them eighty lashes and never accept their testimony again. They are the perverse ones.,(Surah Al-Noor 4)

And his saying: (Why didn’t they present four witnesses to the fact? [Know that] for God those who do not present witnesses [when they accuse someone] are liars. Surah Al-Noor 13,

And that is the responsibility of the man who leads the family to security on the basis of mercy and affection, without tyranny and tyranny, but sharing with his wife everything related to his social life with his children with justice and benevolence. And that guardianship is offset by the responsibility of spending and caring for the woman and the children, and that is why the wisdom of God in distributing the inheritance required that the male have the same luck as the two females to equalize his responsibility to spend on the family, and this does not mean a violation of women’s rights.

God has also established an additional provision in case the spouses accuse any of them of committing indecency, in His Almighty saying: (To those who defame decent women [accusing them of being fornicators or adulterers] and do not present four witnesses, give them eighty lashes and never again accept their testimony. They are the wicked. 4 But to those who [after having defamed them] repent and amend [your testimony will be accepted]. God is Forgiving, Merciful. 5 Those who accuse their spouses [of having committed adultery] without having witnesses other than themselves, must swear four times by God [before a judge] that they tell the truth .6 And finally ask that the curse of God fall on themselves if they lie. 7 She will be free from punishment if she swears four times by God [before a judge] that he is lying. 8 Lastly, she must ask God’s curse to fall on herself if he tells the truth. 9 ) (Sura Al-Noor 4-9)

This is a grace and mercy of God on the spouses and his mercy to protect the family from disintegration and not be drawn into speculation and suspicion without unquestionable proof, as mentioned in the noble verses above that close the doors of divorce and marriage. separation and prevent the disintegration of the family by caring for the children and having mercy on them.

Praise be to God and thanks to him, we have begun to respond to the call of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, to correct the Islamic discourse and according to what God revealed to His Messenger of the clear Qur’an, so that justice with all its elements is achieved between people, and peace prevails in the human community to spread affection and mercy between spouses, and build the family on the basis of mutual respect between them, so that children can grow up in a environment of intimacy caring for children Providing them with a good education to fulfill their national duty, and facilitating whatever knowledge and experience are available to them in various fields to advance the country towards prosperity and a decent life, and to defend its sovereignty and protect it from everything that threatens it.

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