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Take advantage of the “emotions of the illiterate”

This is how the Shiites exploit the "emotions of the illiterate"

Since the beginning, the Shiite scholars knew that their belief is corrupt and contrary to the divine discourse and to the holy Qur’an, they resorted to playing on the emotions of the “illiterate” Muslims. Since the murder of Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali, to tempt them and gradually drag them to their “corrupt” doctrine sometimes through the allegation of kinship to the “House of the Messenger of Allah”, and sometimes through facilitating the rituals of worship and claim that the visit of the shrine of Al-Hussein or praying to him is equal to the worship and rituals that Allah ordered us to carry out. These rituals were previously performed by the Holy Prophet himself, peace be upon him.

As part of his bold call to uncover the false claims promoted by the followers of the various doctrines and sects, who are unjustly attribute themselves to Islam and the Muslims, the scholar and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi in his bold book “Muslims … between Religious Speech and Divine Speech”, issued by “Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», reminds us of a novel propagated by the scholars of the Zoroastrianism faith to their followers. The aim of this novel is to make these followers prisoners of the beliefs in the most intractable violation of the book of Allah and the divine speech, which is the holy Qur’an, the constitution and foundation of Islam.

The Islamic writer Ali al-Shurafa al-Hammadi says: “Let us discuss some examples of the exaggeration and exploitation of the emotions of the illiterate and deceiving them (regarding the Shiite religious speech):

The Visit of Imam Hussein bin Ali – peace be upon him:

Imam Jaber bin Yazid al-Jaafi, one of the imams of the Shiite sect, the companion of al-Imam (al-Baqir), said that Jabir al-Jaafi said: Abu Abdullah (peace be upon him) said to his son (Al Mufadal)

– How long is the distance between you and the shrine of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him)?

– You are equal to my father and my mother, a day or a part of a day.

– He said: Do you visit him?

– He said: Yes.

– He said: Can I tell you some very good news?

– I said: Please tell me.

– He said: He said to me: The man starts to get ready and prepare for the visit and the inhabitants of heaven will be very happy for the visitor. If the visitor came out of the door of his house riding a horse or walking, Almighty Allah will designate four thousand angels to pray for the visitor until he reaches Al Hussein (peace be upon him). When you arrive at the shrine of Al Hussein Ibn Ali (peace be upon them) stood by the door and say these words.

– I said: What are these words please?

– Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Adam, peace be upon you, O inheritor of Noah, the Prophet of Allah, Peace upon you, O inheritor of Abraham, peace be upon you, O inheritor of (Moses). Peace be upon you, O righteous martyr, Peace be upon you, O righteous guardian, Peace be upon the souls that have been dissolved by your craftsmanship, Peace be upon the angels of Allah who came to visit you, I bear witness that you have established the prayer and paid Zakat and ordered the Virtue and forbid the evil and worshiped Allah sincerely until you met the Creator, peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you.

Then you start walking, with every foot raised or put you have the reward of a martyr who sacrifices his blood for Allah. When you reach the shrine, touch it with your hand, and say peace to you the evidence of Allah in heaven and earth. Then you go to your prayers and with each rak’ah besides the shrine you will have the reward of one thousand Hajj and ‘Umrah, and the reward of this who freed one thousand slaves. You have the reward of this that supported a prophet of Allah one thousand times. When you leave the shrine of al-Hussein (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), an angel of Allah calls you saying, “Glory be to you, O servant. Your previous sins and misdeeds have been forgiven, resume your work. If you died in this year or night or day, the angels say, “O Lord, this is your servant, and the shrine of your prophet’s son has been visited, now this servant has come back home, where should we go now? The Lord replies “Stand in front of his house and pray until the day of his death”. The angels stand there and mention Allah until the visitor dies. When the visitor is taken to his grave, these angels stand by his grave and mention Allah until the day of Resurrection). (End of quotation).

This statement is based on the Shiite religious discourse and they were able to convince their followers, knowing that this discourse is completely contrary to what was mentioned in the Qur’an as will be mentioned in the verses of the divine speech.

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