Falling for narrations trap (3-3)

"Sunnis and Shiites" preferred their own benefits over the religion

The researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi, stated in the previous two articles the crisis which the followers of the doctrines “Sunnah and Shiite”  live in because of the Jewish and Zoroastrianism conspiracy, each doctrine started to state that they are the right doctrine while others are wrong, but now they consider them disbelievers and must be killed because they left the right religion.

The writer continue in his his book, «Muslims … between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for printing, publishing and distribution», revealing the trap which both “Sunnis and Shiites”have fall for.

Allah said in his book: “He who adopts a system of faith and worship other than Islam simply bends on a system of faith and worships which does not have the standing upon the vantage ground of truth. Such a system of faith shall not be accepted from him and he shall be a great loser Hereafter.“. (Al-Imran: 85)

In this verse, Allah will not accept Muslims on the Doomsday to use names and terms other than Islam without false doctrines fabricated by humans for political reasons or to achieve the individual interests. The true Muslim is the one who follows the divine approach in the Qur’an, and follows what the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – had practiced of religious rituals, to apply the moral behavior, to follow virtue, and to adhere to justice in human dealings and relationships based on mercy and charity and to move away from injustice in all its forms.

To get out of this impasse, the intellectuals and scholars of all Muslim sects must form a unified council. This council is to utilize the Holy Qur’an as the sole reference in the search for the elements of the curriculum, which Allah has set as legislation for human relations to discipline the relationship between people. The council should also emphasis on the noble values that achieve convergence, peace and compassion among all people. Moreover, the council should adopt legislative rules to maintain the security of all human societies and achieve justice and peace. In addition, the council should work to prepare an Islamic constitution based on the purposes of the precious Qur’an verses for the benefit of all people. This constitution is to protect the beliefs of all people, protects the freedom of the individual and guarantees him a safe life, and preserves the individual right of a secure life without aggression. The Muslim should practice his acts of worship as Allah commanded and taught his messenger to practice the religious rituals without arrogance on the followers of other religions.

It is Allah Almighty alone who will equally judge all people on the Day of Resurrection. Allah Almighty did not assign any messenger or prophet to be a custodian on people in practicing their religion. Allah has ordered his messengers to inform people of his speech and He is alone to judge his creation. This fact should be clear in order to correct the misconceptions that have settled in the minds of people for centuries.

It is time to correct the approach towards the legislation of the Qur’an. It is time to agree on one leader of the Muslims, our master Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It is time to ignore and not to pay attention to all the tales and accounts narrated by the Sunnis or the Shi’a, since all these tales and accounts without exception were established to destroy the message of Islam and to create troubles among Muslims. The evidence that proves this fact is the present events and tragedies that we face nowadays.

What will we wait for and how long will we continue to live in the darkness at the same time when Allah Almighty calls us through His Quran to bring us to the right path?

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