Running away from “Islam”

why did the word "Islam" became equal to "terrorism" for some people?

Unfortunately, the Jews and the Persians ara the only danger for Muslims, the sect that called “Sunnah” appeared from Muslims, obviously they have their scholars who did their role as they established the base and rules that serve their benefits, that was what the researcher and the Arab thinker Ali Mohammed Al-Shurafa Hammadi revealed  with full details in his distinguish book «Muslims .. Between the religious discourse and the divine discourse», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», he said: (( The two groups – the Jews and the Persians – managed to take Muslims away from the Qur’an through false and poisoned accounts in the framework of an evil plan to avenge the Arabs, the carriers of the Islamic message. The aim is divert the eyes of the Arabs into a vicious circle of different narratives where they will differ and fight among themselves. The tales that were narrated centuries ago cause Muslims to fight among themselves.

Muslims beat the necks of each other for the sake of fanaticism of each of them to his religious reference. Each believes his reference to have the inherent right to protect Islam and to preach Islam’s teachings with their religious abilities in interpreting the verses of the Holy Quran and understanding what Allah wants from His creation. Each group considers the other groups as infidels – not Muslims – who know nothing about Islam. The jihad (fighting) against each sect is considered a true duty. Every sect and party is enslaved by its conviction, and each party is happy of his thoughts.

These attitudes have resulted in the distortion of the message of Islam. People go away from Islam when they see murder, destruction and brutality of behavior and criminality committed in the name of Islam. This makes people move away from Islam, hate the message and consider it a source of fear, terror and horror.

Instead of accepting Islam because of its mercy, justice and peace, these sects have made people, in non-Muslim societies; flee even from hearing the word Islam.

The term “Sunnah” was not known in the beginning of Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was the center of the Islamic message and the foundation is the Holy Quran. This is in assurance to the verse of Allah addressing Prophet Mohammed: “A Book -the Quran- is revealed to you O Muhammad, laying upon you an immense responsibility for which you have been chosen. Therefore, let it not oppress your thoughts and feelings or depress your spirits, but use it and act upon it to warn those who deny the truth and to put those who have conformed to Islam in mind of their duties” (Al A’raf: 2)

And the verse: “ This is the religion eminently professed by all the previous Prophets, the one and only system of faith and worship established by Allah and I am Allah your Creator, therefore, worship Me and adore Me with the appropriate acts and rites” (Al Anbiyaa: 92).

And the verse of Allah (interpretation of the meaning): “ Indeed Allah is my Creator and your Creator; worship Him, since reverence and veneration paid to Him constitute the path of righteousness» (Al Zukhruf: 64).

And the verse of Allah says “ «This is My path of righteousness; follow it, you may attain moral straightness, goodness, integrity, virtue and piety. Do not tread other paths lest you miss the path chosen to guide you into all truth. « This is what He has commended unto you so that you may hopefully entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him»” (Al An’aam: 153).

At that time, the term “Sunnah” did not exist in the early days of Islam. Rather, the term “Muslim” was the name of all who accepted Islam as a religion without any other names. This is what the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) called for. This is confirmed by the verse of Allah: “And strive in the cause of Allah and make His purpose the heart of your purpose. He did not intend to put you in difficulty nor to create for you difficultness in the system of faith and worship He has chosen for you, the same system followed by your father Ibrahim . It is He -Allah- Who gave you people the descriptive and distinctive appellation «Muslims » in previous Scriptures as well as in this Book – the Quran – so that the Messenger Muhammad would be a witness of your actions and you come to be witnesses of peoples’ actions which interpret their thoughts and characterize their rival systems. Therefore, engage in the act of worship, give alms and turn your minds to Allah and see that you be under His tutelage. He is your Tutelary Guardian, and how ultimate in excellence is the Protector and the Ultimate of Ultimates to afford help!” (Al Hajj: 78).

The term “Sunnah” appeared in the middle of the Abbasid era. This era had witnessed the emergence of the various Sunni sects (Ashayara, Hanafi, Malikya, Hanbali, Shaafa’i) and other schools of thought.

It was decided to authenticate the four doctrines in the era of Al-Zaher Baybars during his reign in Egypt. The aim was to use them officially for worship to be followed as a basis for the social system in the acts of worship, relationships and litigation among people.

The establishment of the Sunni doctrine was based on accounts attributed to the companions of the prophet. It became the main reference to the Sunni sect, and various thinking schools spread from this sect. Some of these schools adopted the slogan of Takfir (considering other Muslims as unbelievers), where killing is the sentence, hatred is the motto, and the hate speech is the approach.

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