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14 centuries of loss

Muslims ... the victim of 14 centuries of absence of reason

There is no one better than the researcher, to reveal to his readers about the truth of his research, and the goals that he set before he starts. Also, the researcher can reveal to us the hidden sides of his field and scientific studies. This is what the researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi, did in the introduction of his book, «Muslims  … between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for printing, publishing and distribution»,. In the mentioned study, the author tells us why he started writing his research, and the deep thoughts he had so he could come out with this wonderful study, which brings us to reveal the very important truth. The truth is that what is happening on the Islamic scene now, is the result of 14 centuries of the mental absence of Muslims that took place when Muslims stopped thinking about their religion and their faith.

In order not to waste the reader’s time, we leave you in the hands of the Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa, and put in front of you the introduction of his distinguished book «Muslims  … between religious speech and the divine speech», where he tells us: «This research is a sincere invitation for every Muslim who respects his mind, and thanks Allah Almighty for the grace of reason, and the names that He taught Adam, which Allah has deposited in his mind, to enable Adam to understand knowledge and derive the laws of life, to promote the earth in just, peace and compassion.

It is the mercy of Allah Almighty to send messengers and prophets with holy books, to guide people and illuminate the path of life and to bring people out of the darkness to the light path through science and knowledge, to help people live in happiness, peace, prosperity and brotherhood.

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty addresses the minds of people and asks them to think in order to establish the law of Allah. People are given absolute freedom to choose their beliefs. Their behavior is guided by the great values which have never been lived up to even by the greatest human civilizations. Islam calls for the principles of justice, cooperation, mercy, peace and love among people.

A new call for re-opening the closed door of the ability to think

It is an invitation to the intellectuals in various fields, and to the religious scholars of all sects in the Islamic world. The aim is to to search earnestly and sincerely, in order to get out of the disaster experienced by Muslims presented in wars, battles and conflicts, for more than fourteen centuries until today. The shed of blood spread, hunger became everywhere, and diseases spread mercilessly to people, and the cities became without inhabitants. The enmity disobedience, disgust and hatred spread.

The Muslim scholars and intellectuals are now called to stand responsible, without distinction of sect, group, cult or party, for serious and impartial cooperation in order to reach a single concept agreed upon by all. The meaning of the verses of the Quran is for the good of humanity, leaving behind the sources of their tales. There should be full awareness, faith and certainty, that the Islamic religion has one reference, the Book of Allah, which was revealed to His Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, who the Creator ordered to preach to all people. The human societies are in need to organize their affairs on the basis of justice and mercy and to unite the Muslims to be a united peaceful nation. The Islamic nation should carry the torch of the divine light to illuminate the path for all humanity, the path of mercy, justice, freedom and peace, and to provide people with ways of good and cooperation and respect for human rights and cultural development. The Islamic nation should stand in front of Allah, and in front of their communities in a sincere and honest manner to the divine law, to reconsider, study and investigate the truth in the book of Allah and to search for the causes of disagreement between Muslims since the death of the Prophet.

Why did Muslims keep away from the application of the law of Allah?

How and why Muslims have long gone away from the application of the law of Allah in the divine speech, and the values ​​and ethics that he called all people for good, love, justice, peace and reflection in the holy Qur’an. The holy Qur’an called to identify the implications of the verses, and the resolve of the purposes of Allah to create as mercy to people. Allah Almighty promised people of countless blessings, where Allah has made all his creatures in the service of people.

All Muslims are united by one book, one Quran, one messenger and one worshiping rituals. The aim was to remove the division among the Muslims and deprive their enemies of exploiting the existence of different doctrines to provoke strife and wars among Muslims where thousands of victims fall..

Why and in the interest of whom come all these crimes and those wars? When will the killing and destruction stop, and how will Muslims be able to extinguish the flames of sedition?

This will not be achieved unless we return to the Book of Allah and the Holy Qur’an, which lights the path for us to bring us out of the darkness to the light.

When we become able to do this, all Muslims will be blessed with the mercy and blessings of Allah. The Islamic countries and the whole world will live in an era of security, stability and peace. Thus, Allah has commanded us and said: “And you people, act, in accordance with all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and take not besides Allah tutelary guardians; they will influence you to revert in character to your aboriginal stocks. How little you people keep Allah in mind..” (Al A’raaf: 3)

We should obey the Messenger – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – in what has transmitted to the people the wise book, the glorious Quran that Allah has revealed to him. The main idea of the holy Qur’an is to worship the one Allah to rationalize human behavior and guide people for the path of good, honest and cooperation between Muslims and all other people of all religions and races. The aim of the Qur’an is to protect man from the evils of himself and set him to follow the path of guidance, to be rewarded by Allah on the Day of Resurrection with the best reward.

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