Noor ala Noor

Hidden hands are fighting Islam! (1-3)

With facts .. Jewish and Zoroastrianism conspiracy is behind the dispersion of Islamic call

The devil succeed to sneak into our minds and brains through a mean conspiracy to mislead us and to poison our doctrine, by questioning some divine orders quoting from fabricated narrations of our prophet and his companions, or read by earlier religious men in the early centuries, so we became suspicious whether to believe or disbelieve the thoughts we have, and if there could be a conflict between the verses of Qur’an and what  Allah legislate upon us, and what the Prophet – peace be upon him – told us?

Obviously the religion divisions can’t have conflicts between each other, or the divine speech and the prophet’s speeches be in a discrepancy. In other hand, the truth – as the researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Mohammed Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi reveals in his  distinguished  book «Muslims .. Between the religious discourse and the divine discourse » issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution» – is we became a prey for the deception by Jewish and Zoroastrianism, who sneak into our science and thoughts through a sneaky conspiracy to poison them and to take revenge from Arabs as the last prophet was Arabian as the Jews used to monopolize heaven religions.

The Arabic thinker Ali Al-Hammadi stated: (I do not rule out the assumption that there are hidden hands behind the dispersion of the Islamic call and the creation of intellectual confusion for Muslims. These hands have developed different accounts and fabricated tales attributed to the Companions. These tales created a state of contradictions, conflicts and intellectual polarization. Each community has its own reference, which led to a stat4e of intellectual conflict and controversy and then turned into a material conflict, resulting in Muslims fighting each other.)

These evil hands were plotting the evil plan, whether they were Jews who did not imagine that Allah chooses a messenger who is not a Jew. They believe that the choice of prophets and messengers are confined to the children of Israel, because they are the chosen people, as they believe and call. Prophet Mohammed aroused in them envy and jealousy of the emergence of a prophet with a divine book from amongst the people who are called “the illiterate” who are not the people of the Almighty, such as Christians and Jews. The Jews did not respect the other nations and did not respect them and treated them with inferiority, it created heartbreak and a feeling of revenge amongst the Jews that the Prophet is not affiliated to them.

After their scholars have studied the verses of the Holy Quran that spoke about the Jews, they felt the serious effect of the Holy Quran on their future, which would lead to the fall of their honor among the nations and the decline of their stature. The Jews felt that there would be danger that will be represented by Muslims if they follow the verses of the legislation of human relations in worship and transactions and urge noble values ​​of Mercy and justice, peace and cooperation and equality and prohibition of injustice and consume people’s money in vain, which will disrupt their aspirations and selfish ambitions to seize the wealth of the world and control the capabilities of peoples.

So they started looking for different ways to distract Muslims from the Holy Quran, which is the basis of the message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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