Noor ala Noor

Congratulations to Egypt… Congratulations to the Arabs

By the Emirati writer and thinker
Ali Mohammed Al – Shurafa Al – Hammadi

Today, Egypt will have an appointment with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The international news agencies are reporting the results of the presidential elections in Egypt and announcing the win of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for a second term for the rule of Egypt. The Egyptian people won and their will won to crush and conquer the darkness and challenge the difficulties and move to a new victory under the leadership of an honest and wise and lover leadership for the homeland. Congratulations to Egypt, congratulations to the Arabs

Here, the history records that the Egyptians made their decision

For the future of the coming generations
For liberating the national decision
For achieving security and stability
For purging our homeland of terrorism and the wicked individuals
For achieving the welfare of the citizen, and securing his future in housing, work and health insurance.
Above all, the entire Egyptian citizens came out to tell the world that they are the masters of their homeland, independent in making their national decision and challenging the conspirators who wanted to expropriate Egyptian land and displace the Egyptians.

 Tens of millions of Egyptian people went out to say to the whole world:

We will not accept but our independence. We will not accept the orders of the colonial countries. We will not accept the disharmony of human rights shops and Zionist organizations and their followers of suspicious research centers. The Egyptian people will not accept to follow the agendas that aim at destroying the Arab countries.
For all these reasons, millions of Egyptians have gone out, their loud voices refuse to be silenced, they reject humiliation, and they refuse submission except to Allah Almighty, the king of kings, who honors whom He pleases and humiliates whom He pleases.

Congratulations to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the great people who are very strong, who are ready to achieve the impossible with him, to achieve the dream of the Egyptians in a strong, independent and honored country, a strong country that gains the respect of the entire world.

Congratulations to the Egyptian people on a president who believes and fears only in one God.

He was honest with his people and took the responsibility. He promised Allah to be ready to sacrifice his life for his homeland so that the Egyptian people would live a free and dignified life, consecrated by mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty, for the Egyptians kept their promises to Allah Almighty.

Long live Egypt for its future despite the conspiracies, foxes and the abusers.
Truth has prevailed and falsehood has eventually perished, for falsehood is always apt to perish in the wreck of time. The Egyptian people won. The traitors and the agents fell into the garbage boxes straying with street dogs.

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