The divine speech

Terms to return to know the message of Islam before the change

If we want to get back to the message of Islam before this change, we must return to the source of Islam first before this great change and default took place. This was the time when the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – was teaching his companions the wisdom and the purposes and the objectives of the verses of the Holy Qur’an. The Prophet was guiding the companions to follow the divine approach of the faith of Islam to be able to comprehend the complete pillars of Islam not the shortened ones. Above all of these pillars come ethics, justice, mercy, freedom, peace and virtue and the prohibition of corruption on earth. All calls of the previous prophets called for the same ethics in all the different ages.

The messages come to confirm that Allah Almighty has created man in the form of height and elevation, which distinguished man from the rest of the creatures. Allah Almighty says:

We have honoured the Adamites and We provided them with means of transportation to carry them on land and at sea and We provisioned them with the good wholesome victuals and We placed them in a class distinctly above many of Our creatures and We ascribed to them distinguished attributes. We furnished them with powers of the mind -the will, the reason and the perception of truth or fact, theoretical and practical understanding of art, science, language- and many other faculties.” (Al Israa: 70)

Allah Almighty honored man; and allocated all the wealth that is on the earth and what is inside it to man. In return, man is created for the reconstruction of this land with the knowledge and facts that Allah Almighty taught Adam how to employ the blessings of Allah Almighty for the benefit of people and fulfill the requirements of a decent life. Allah Almighty says:

And He reduced for you all that the heavens and the earth contain to a state of subservience: heavenly bodies, earth, water, air, fire, deserts. All, like yourselves and your belongings, are not really your own, but His. Here, there and everywhere are signs with prodigies emblematic of Omnipotence and Authority sensed by those who consider matters and ponder their cause” (Al Jathiyyah: 13)

All these blessings require man to research, think and carry out scientific study to know the greatness of the Creator reflected in the laws of the universe. This will increase people belief in the absolute capacity of Allah. In addition, it will accumulate knowledge of human beings in the use of the results of scientific research in the exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of humans – as Allah Almighty ordered us in the verse above – And to achieve the benefit of people in their lives in the fields of food and drink and amenities and other requirements of life. Man should thank Allah Almighty through maintaining those blessings and does his duties to benefit all people, in addition to what must be followed of the ethics of dignity and virtue based on mercy, justice, love, cooperation, charity and peace.

Is it possible for the sons of Adam to improve the reconstruction of land and the investment of their wealth while living in conflict, war, injustice, envy, pride and lasting fights?

Therefore, the divine command came to cooperate in righteousness and piety and non-cooperation in sin and transgression. The most honored man in front of Allah is the righteous who fear Allah where their good deeds will be accepted and rewarded by Allah. Allah Almighty says: “Indeed he who fulfils his promise when he pledges himself before Allah to do what is to be done, keeps the vow when he binds himself by one, his words and deeds together accord and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah shall come in the grace of Allah for Allah likes those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him.” (Al ‘Imran: 76)

There are those who fear Allah and fear the divine punishment and those who follow the devil and abandon the orders of Allah. The devil drives his followers to injustice and committing sin and crimes and take people’s money in vain, they will be punished by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment with a great punishment. Allah commands people to perform charity, cooperation, mercy, justice and peace if they follow the divine commands they will enjoy permanent happiness and peace.

Source :

«Muslims .. Between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the Arab researcher and thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi.


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