The “Forces of Evil” attempts to assassinate the “Message of Islam”

The forces of evil were getting ready to attack the faith of Islam.  They prepared and tried to assassinate the message of Islam by all means. They tried to assassinate the message of freedom, justice, love and peace. Their goal is to isolate the holy Qur’an and the divine speech. They aim at taking people away from the characteristics that distinguish Muslims such as virtue and noble morals that is considered the basis to establish progress and development for nations. The enemies aim at keeping the Arabs away from the human civilization and occupy them in the permanent conflict and wars that began fourteen centuries ago and are still going on.

Thus, these forces summoned their demons and thinkers to fabricate false tales, rumors, and events and fabricated misleading propaganda. They attributed much of these fabrications to the companions of the prophet. They adopted the jurisprudence and interpretations of the scholars, each of which relied on their own sources and references.

It is a psychological war launched by the enemies of the message of Islamic to keep people away from joining the faith of Allah and follow the divine approach that calls all people for their benefit and their good. Various religious leaders have adopted certain sources to help the caliphs empower their authority and protect their property and convince people to follow the ruler and promised them that they guarantee them them the grace of Allah. In addition, these tales gave these scholars a social and political position that satisfies the arrogance of the human soul and provides them with a social advantage that brings them followers who are willing to be employed in the service of the interests of these scholars. Those followers serve the worldly interests, selfishness and arrogance on the scholars who lead their followers like a flock that walks as the master want. These scholars guide their followers to unidentified direction after they kidnapped their minds and controlled their ideas.

Nowadays, Muslims should correct their path in accordance with the rules of the divine approach of the holy Qur’an, which cannot be wrong by all means. The Muslim nation should be the moderate nation that carries the heavenly flame to illuminate humanity’s path with decency and virtue. The Muslim religious intellectual leaders are to adopt a courageous position in which they hope to serve and obey Allah Almighty through following the divine approach, which is the salvation and the escape from the wrath of Allah in the day of judgment. The divine approach represents the benefit of people and grants their success in this life.

Source :

«Muslims .. Between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the Arab researcher and thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi.

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