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Muslims in front of two paths only (1-2)

We learn from the Prophet – peace be upon him – the approach of the divine speech, which orders us to follow the Qur’an and not to rely on the conclusions of human attributed to the companions of the Prophet or others who set themselves as the scholars, the authors and religious specialists and sheikhs of Islam. In Islam, there are no sheikhs of Islam, imams, priests or holy men. There are faithful individuals who worship Allah, follow His religion and follow the holy messenger, where the Almighty said: « And you people, act, in accordance with all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and take not besides Allah tutelary guardians; they will influence you to revert in character to your aboriginal stocks. How little you people keep Allah in mind. ». (Al A’raf: 3)

There are no human interpretations or religious speeches. Rather, it is one divine speech, one messenger and one imam who recites the verses of Allah to the people to bring them out of the darkness to the light, teaching them their religion, which Allah has given them and warning them of stay away from the book of Allah and the legislations that will protect them from the aggression of one another to live in prosperity and peace.

After receiving the leadership after the era of the prophet, some of the companions who lived with the Prophet during his mission and fought with him in defense of the message of Islam, where many of them became martyrs, in defense of the message of Islam. From the prophet, they received the verses of the Holy Quran, and learned the jurisprudence of worship, and the prophet explained to them the legislation and objectives of the divine approach until his death peace be upon him.

Then the darkness intensified upon them after the absence of the prophet. They became confused because of the change in the curriculum they were living and interacting with. The new worldly concepts imposed themselves on reality. The interaction with the book of Allah Almighty and abiding to its provisions and adherence to the law retreated. The personal interests and desires controlled the scene, circumstances and the situation.

Several sects and various ideologies appeared which resulted in the appearance of political and religious groups that caused fighting between Muslims. The reality and the conflict for power controlled the companions where they get fascinated by their interests where the interests justified the means. Thus, the voice of the Quran faded and they couldn’t comply with the message of Islam. At that time, it became necessary for them to bury the verses and cover them with narrations and tales. The purposes of the message fell for the good of humanity, and the narrators hassled to tell thousands of myths. An Israeli mixture of myth and narrations were added to these tales that caused a state of absence of reason and mind. This provoked and created strife and fighting among Muslims. These narrations and tales overwhelmed the minds of the elite religious scholars who awarded credibility to these tales because they are attributed to one of the Companions.

How they were able to verify the credibility of these tales after more than two centuries. At that time, a distinctive class emerged in the Muslim community and monopolized the knowledge and ability to interpret the Holy Qur’an and clarify the purposes of the holy verses. They relied on the tales to understand and interpret the verses of the Holy Qur’an. Thus, they missed the truth of the divine speech to creation.


«Muslims  … Between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi.



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