Noor ala Noor

A call for the correction of the religious concepts without sectarianism

By the Emirati writer and thinker
Ali Mohammed Al – Shurafa Al – Hammadi

This article is an invitation to the intellectuals and scholars of the nation. They are now entrusted to get the nation out of its dilemma. This can be achieved through correcting the misconceptions and stop the sanctification of the heritage of the ancestors and the jurisprudence of the previous nations.  Muslims are not obliged to follow these heritages. There is no text in the holy Qur’an to support them. Moreover, these heritages do not agree with what Allah revealed to the noble Messenger. These ancient concepts and the anomalous terms took people away from the Holy Qur’an. In addition, they created a state of contradiction between the words of the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – revealed by Allah Almighty in the holy Qur’an, which included the divine speech to all people to inform them and teach them the wisdom and rituals of worship. The holy Qur’an includes the moral behavior and noble values ​​that should be followed in the relation of a Muslim individual with all people regardless of their race and religion. These verses ensure compassion and invite people to deal in wisdom and good advice with all people. The aim is to offer them the true message of Islam and shows them the path of goodness and righteousness, justice, freedom and peace.

There were narrations and the stories invented by unknown people after the death of the Prophet – peace be upon him. These narrations are poisoned by rumors insulting the message of Islam and its high principles and even insulting the Holy Prophet. These words were attributed to the Companions of the Prophet by the forces of evil and the enemies of Islam to contend with the words of the Holy Prophet. The Prophet conveyed the verses of the Almighty to people to guide their ways of peace and explain to people the verse:
This Quran does indeed guide to the best way of moral rightness which has had everlasting residence in the character of the Godhead and to the uprightness of decision. It announces joyful tidings to those who acknowledge Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and with deeds of wisdom and piety; they shall be recipients of a great reward.” (Al Israa 9)

All scholars, academics and researchers in all civil, religious and scientific fields are asked at present to stand accountable to Allah in all impartiality and in order to correct the religious concepts without discrimination of sect, group, or party. They are asked to exclude all narrations and sources from all parties. They should utilize the holy Qur’an as the only source. This requires cooperation and serious research, in order to agree on a single concept to unify the nation around the verses of Almighty Allah. The nation should comprehend the objectives of the verses of the holy Qur’an to achieve what is best for humanity.

We should start with our conviction that there is no reference to the Islamic religion except one, namely, the Book of Allah Almighty, which was revealed to His Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), whom Allah Almighty has commanded to inform all people, in confirmation of the Almighty saying: “And We either show you O Muhammad in your life time some part of the retributive punishment We promised them or occasion your death before. You are only responsible for relating the divine message and We are responsible for their trial in Day of judgement.” (Al Ra’d: 40)

Our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, complied with the divine command and conveyed the message honestly. Let us all join together to raise the voice of the Qur’an and clarify its light to all humanity. The holy Qur’an calls for justice, mercy, freedom and peace. We pledge to Allah, as He commanded us to do, that we do not take a reference except the holy Qur’an, or to be bounded by human narrations or myths. We will restore what we have lost because of following the narrations of the devils and their followers. We should restore the Islamic dignity and status through committing to what Islam calls for such as the upright and doing good for all mankind. Through committing to the orders of Allah Almighty, we will be blessed and granted the mercy and blessings of Allah. We will live in security and peace and will lead humanity to the righteousness of safety and stability. Thus, people will live in prosperity, cooperation on good deeds and piety. In addition, we should not cooperate in sin and transgression.

Source :

«Muslims .. Between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the Arab researcher and thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi.

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