With verses.. Preventing those who prey on the Islamic religion

Despite the fact that Allah Almighty has ordered the Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – to call Muslims to adhere to the Qur’an and to study its verses and follow the divine approach, but Muslims have violated the commands of Allah Almighty: « And so, how will it be if and when they are befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity in consequence of what their wrongful and unclean hands. have committed! There and then they shall betake themselves to you making a solemn declaration with an appeal to Allah that they meant nothing but peace upon earth and concord and good will unto men.». (Al Nisa: 61)

However, we are still following the tales, we enjoy that we continue in the life as bats of darkness, and we follow what our enemies want to us, which is the absence of the mind and departure from the Qur’an. We lost our path in the dilemmas of the past and neglect the present and the required adherence to the divine approach, so that Arab Muslims can achieve the goals of development, progress, and self-sufficiency in food and other requirements, and the positive participation in the development of human civilization for the benefit of people. Allah Almighty commands us to use our minds and think of the heavenly signs intended to the creation to achieve good, upright, security, peace, cooperation and mercy. So that Muslims can correct the concepts that are meant to distort the message of justice, Islam and freedom, and adopt the concept of reason that will lead them, through interacting with the divine approach, to the realization of the truth of the message of Islam when Allah Almighty addresses Muslims saying: “ Do they not see into the immensity of the universe and look with their minds’ eyes at the realms of the heavens and the earth and the precision with which structures are related and at the unique government of all that He has created! Do they not ponder that the end of their term of life may well be approaching! Therefore, if they refuse to acknowledge the truth as is featured in these signs, what then will convince them if these signs and this divine Speech do not!” (Al A’raf: 185).

The writer clarifies that Allah Almighty: (Muhammad is not the father of anyone of your men so that He be prohibited to carry into effect Allah’s edict but he is Allah’s Messenger and the ultimate and a seal of the Prophets, and Allah has always been ‘Alimun of all in all) (Al Ahzab: 40).

In this verse, Allah Almighty wants not to employ any human beings from his creation to belong to the bloodline of the Messenger of Allah so that the descendants of the Prophet or his relatives in the relationship of descent will not be taken to have a sacred status exploited by those who hate Islam through considering them as partners in the divine message and as if they are preserved by Allah from the failure of sin, they have a special status before Allah Almighty. The aim was to eliminate the chance of using them through false tales and exaggerations that are inconsistent with the rules of the holy Qur’an for political purposes or worldly interests. The verse mentioned above confirms that Allah Almighty chose Muhammad; peace be upon him; alone to communicate the divine speech to people.

The purpose of this verse is to break the path in front of the enemies of the religion of Islam in employing the relatives of the Prophet and grandchildren in the service of their satanic purposes, to create religious sects that contradict the message of Muhammad – and clash with the divine approach to turn people away from the Holy Quran and cause confusion and conflicts among Muslims.

«Muslims  … Between the religious Speech and the divine Speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the great Islamic researcher and thinker Ali Muhammad ِAl-Shurafa Al-Hammadi.

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