The divine speech

The true meaning of adhering to the “right path”

Allah Almighty ordered his creation to be united under the slogan of the Holy Qur’an, which is the link between creation and the Almighty Creator. The holy verse in Al ‘Imran confirms this meaning saying:  (Hold firmly together and grasp the eternal and unchangeable sublime system of Allah! Lay hold of it with the mind and do not be discordant among yourselves. Call to mind Allah’s favour that you wear. You were enemies and He accorded your differences and you cherished different principles and practices and by His grace you are now in one accord. You were on the edge of the bottomless abyss of Hell and He saved you from eternal disaster. Thus, Allah expounds to you His revelations so that you may hopefully be guided to His path of righteousness) (Al-Imran: 103).

The purpose of this verse is to urge Muslims to unite under the banner of Allah, the Holy Quran which is the most powerful bond that links man to his Creator, which prevents creation from spreading enmity and hatred. The holy Qur’an unites the hearts of Muslims so they become brothers because they will all be under one slogan and have one goal, following the light that Allah Almighty has revealed to His messenger to achieve security and peace,. Allah Almighty says, describing the Holy Qur’an: (A Book, the spirit of truth guiding those who lift to Allah their inward sight into all truth, leading them to the path of safety and peace and guiding them, Allah willing, out of darkness and superstition of later times and out of want of spiritual and intellectual sight into intellectual illumination and enlightenment and directing them to the path of righteousness) (Al-Maidah: 16).

«Muslims  … Between the religious Speech and the divine Speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the great Islamic researcher and thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi.

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