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The holy Qur’an exposes the lies of the Shiite scholars and imams

The holy Qur’an exposes the lies of the Shiite scholars and imams

The obvious example of the religious speech of the Shiites is their sanction of (Al-Hussein) and making him a partner with Allah in the knowledge of the unseen, and has the ability to accept repentance of the guilty individuals and giving them forgiveness of the wrongdoers and mediate for them to Allah to accept their repentance and the abolition of their punishment for what they committed of sins and evils. This will facilitate doing evil for the followers of the Shiite doctrine as long as (Al-Hussein) will be close down their punishment once they visit his shrine.

That is their doctrine, which is the birth of a parallel religion to the religion of Islam achieved by the Persians competing for the religion that Allah revealed to the Arab messenger to achieve Persian victory over the Arabs, and to punish the Arabs for what they have done to overthrow the Persian Empire.

When we look at the next verse, we find that it contradicts all the false accounts and allegations, and blow up the false accounts on Al-Hussein and his sons. Allah Almighty says: (And when the trumpet is sounded in Day of Judgement no ties of kinship of any kind or degree shall be of avail in accomplishing a purpose. Ties are simply dissolved and each one is tried upon no other recommendation than the quality of his own deeds nor shall they be able to discourse on any point.). (Al Mu Minun: 101).

Allah Almighty says: (We encircled the neck of every human being with a bird of omen, (as it were) auguring well or ill, and in Day of Judgement will We present each with a book bearing his precise record laid open to view) (Al Israa: 13).

And Allah Almighty said: («Now» they are told, «you have come back to Us singly, not less alone than when you were alone when We created you at first and delivered you nude naked and bare to the world below». «Now you have come back to Us stripped of all possessions and of all that We had ascribed to you in life.« Nor do We see you accompanied by your intercessors whom you had claimed they enjoyed the same position and power of a god; now the ties of your common fanciful belief are being severed, and those whom you presumed to be godheads have failed your expectation») (Al An aam: 94).

In the doomsday, everyone will be held accountable for his deeds, whether good or evil. In the doomsday, there is no value for a man’s association with a prophet or a messenger. Rather, a man’s value depends on his deeds. Those who call themselves nobles and masters because of their affiliation with the house of the prophet will have no credit and all are equal before the law in this life, and all are equal before Allah on the Doomsday. There is no mediation because of a relative or a friend on the doomsday. This is confirmed in the verse saying: “33- Then when the deafening uproarious eventful Event* comes about. 34- Man shall then flee from his own brother, 35- From his mother and his father, 36- and from his wife and his children. 37- For each of them then, there is enough trouble of his own” (Abasa 33-37).

And the verse that says (7- Then he who has done an atom’s weight of good, will see it and profit by it. 8- And he who has done an atom’s weight of evil, will see it and be punished for it.” (Al-Zilzala: 7-8)

In the Day of Judgment, Allah will not exclude any human beings. All people and everyone will be judged without exception to a messenger, prophet, a scholar or a pious man; this includes the criminals and sinners. All human beings will stand barefoot and naked waiting for Allah’s justice and mercy. Allah Almighty says: (He is it Who brought you all into being from one single soul -Adam-and from him did He, by special creation, evolve his mate Eve* And He supplied you with eight heads of cattle -males and females- (sheep, goats, oxen and camels). He forms you in the wombs within your mothers bellies varying your constitution in stages of development one stage after another (from rudimentary to complete state) in the depth of darkness environed by three superimposed dark compartments This is Allah your Creator, Who has the rightful claim to the sovereign authority, there is no Ilah but Him and so how could you reject Him in favour of other objects of worship!) (Al Zumar: 6).

Allah did not exclude anyone from his creation to confirm his amendment and to achieve equality between his creation. There is no advantage for anyone, all creation are equal before the mighty Creator, seeking his mercy and confident in his justice on the doomsday. Then there is no intermediary on that day other than the deeds of man, in confirmation of the Almighty saying: «The Day when neither wealth nor progeny shall be of advantage. Except him who comes to the audience of Allah with his heart in its right place, heartened or filled with devotion» (Al Shu’araa: 88-89).

Therefore, Allah , Almighty, tells people not to believe the tales or sayings and to pay attention to the verses, so as not to depart from the Holy Quran, which came as the light to get people from dimness to grace.

«Muslims  … Between the religious Speech and the divine Speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», by the great Islamic researcher and thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi.

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