Purification of religion from impurities.. One of the purposes of the thinker Hammadi

Purifying our tolerant religion of the impurities that stray the faith away from the frame of its true reference is the concern of the forerunners of the nation’s scholars and most prominent men.

This approach was followed by the “reformer scholars” who purify and clean the faith of the impurities that discard the true faith of Allah.

At the forefront of those who have done well in the recent period in this blessed attempt is the eminent Emirati thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi.

In his important book «Muslims between religious discourse and the divine discourse», the thinker provided a precise, clear and important thesis in this regard. This thesis is based on the theory of “Table Scrubbing”, and linking the texts that are part of the sacred text, the Qur’an, with the principles of the holy Qur’an, and throwing what is opposed to it.

It is a bold endeavor that is worthy of praise and appreciation. It came at a time when the nation is in bad need to that process. The nation faces and is subjected to tendencies of takfir, bombing, vilification, denigration and terrorism.

The case has taken place because the nation has moved away from the clear reference that adopts the Qur’an as the organizing line for its course. In addition, the nation has divided into various doctrines and sects that are contradicting each other, and even fighting each other.

At the beginning of his book, the author exerted many efforts to purify the religion of the impurities. Allah Almighty sent His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) to all people with one message that puts everyone in one level and one treatment.

Diversion and disagreement result from the abandonment of the holy Qur’an

In his vision, the writer starts from an innovative principal that was neglected by Muslims throughout the ages. This principal is that Allah Almighty has sent His Messenger Muhammad for all people and did not send him to a certain nation or a distinct class of people. All creation are equal in front of Allah and all will be judged according to his own deeds.

From this rule, the author derived some basic statutes that form the basis of the speech, which are as follows:

First, the divine discourse, the Holy Quran, is directed at all people without distinction of religion, creed, party, class, group or sect.

Second: The Islamic message contained in the Holy Quran addresses all people with intellectual interaction with the verses in the holy Qur’an. The aim is to enable them to devise the necessary legislations to organize their worldly affairs and to follow the noble values ​​of Islam in behavior and dealing with all human beings in accordance with the words of Allah Almighty: “O you people; We created you from the union of a twain, male and female, and We divided you into nations and communities and dispersed you over the earth to get to know each other and not to boast your descent or rank. The one among you whom Allah values most and is held precious in His esteem is he who keeps Allah in mind and acquaints his heart with wisdom, and regards Allah with breast filled with reverential awe. Allah is Alimun, and Khabirun (intimately acquainted with all things)“.

Third: This verse confirms the fall of all social privileges in the name of religion, and the absence of a distinct religious class similar to the class of priests in some faiths, which govern in the name of religion. This class directs the human societies according to their political, material, emotional and moral goals. All people are equal before law in this life and before Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment and every human will be judged according to his own deeds).

The author wonders “Why Muslims have long gone away from the application and follow of the divine legislation based on the command of Allah and the included values ​​and high morals”.

Muslims are guided by the enemies of Islam in distorting the comprehensive purposes

The author did not just ask the question to attract the attention of the researchers by throwing a stone in the stagnant water of the pool. The author talked about the underlying causes and roles of the seducing enemies of the message of Islam. The author talked about what these enemies have invented of the false accounts and rumors. These rumors aim at dispensing Muslims from the divine approach to keep them away from recognizing the objectives of the verses of the holy Qur’an. It is necessary to return to the divine reference, the reference of the Holy Quran, so as not to be taken by human religious references who add their own interpretations and considered them holy to lead people away from the holy Qur’an.

The purpose of adhering to the Qur’an is the safety valve against diversion and fragmentation, but how can we achieve this while diversion has hit our lines?

The cure is simple, says the author: “If we unite behind the original reference, the Holy Quran, we can remove the diversion and stop the deterioration and conflict that takes place because of fragmentation and conflict between Muslims. We could make those who want to harm us, our enemies, to lose the opportunity. Those enemies wish the survival of the diversion to continue and last until the day we live on its despicable form of various sects and teams with its black flags and red swords. The banners of those teams and groups are mixed with the red blood of the innocent people under the claim of jihad for the sake of Allah and as punishment for the unbelievers. These are the claims of those who corrupt the land. These actions benefit our enemy to achieve their required objectives and enable them to achieve their ambitions in controlling the Arab wealth. The enemy spoils our security and our homelands. The enemy is grateful for what we witnessed as we are preoccupied with our own disputes and constant conflict. We are exhausted by our conflicts and torn by the fight”.

The omission of the purposes of the divine discourse is one of the reasons for the detachment off the essence of religion

The contradiction between the actions of the Muslims and the teachings of their religion is a manifestation of the great structural imbalance that caused the clash between the theory and the practice.

According to the author Al-Hammadi, the reason for this is that the Muslims elevate the performance over the fundamentals. In other words, Muslims focus on the dimension of physical worship and neglect of its spiritual and objective dimension.

The researcher says: “This was the beginning of the great calamity of our nation. We saw mosques full of worshipers and we see millions of Muslims in the Hajj and Umrah seasons, and in the payment of zakat, and fast on the month of Ramadan. Besides, together we saw fraud, corruption, theft, and infighting between Muslims. We saw the environment as the cradle of moral and behavioral degradation is an environment committed to the concise elements that are claimed to be the pillars of Islam. ”

Understanding the book of Allah is the way to understand what is behind the pillars, and the goals that the religion seeks from them. The author praises us in the high ruling objectives, based on the text of the Qur’an for the purposes of the pillars of religion.

The author says: “Prayer is against indecency and evil deeds such as wrongdoing and taking people’s wealth with no right and invalidating covenants and gossip and rumors and attacking people without right and cooperating in sin and aggression.

Zakat is important in helping the poor and the needy and in reducing the psychological barrier between the rich and the poor and dealing with mercy and charity that fortifies societies against theft or assault on money and cleanse the soul of selfishness.

In the pilgrimage to the House of Allah, people see themselves from all parts of the earth equal in clothing and housing. The differences between people melt where the king and the poor, the rich and the poor, the strong and weak are all equal. All of the mentioned look at the sky and pray to Allah.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is a commitment to obey Allah Almighty and train the soul to control desires and restrain them from all the pleasures of life and disconnection to worship Allah Almighty alone. It is a training to be virtuous in the practice of tolerance with people and charity to them. It is a training to be honest and to fulfill the promises and contracts and non-aggression on people by words or by action. It is a training to keep away from slander and purifies the souls. Thus, the souls fulfill the requirements for being a true slave of Allah Almighty who are righteous and stand on the straight path and race to the good deeds».

The author concludes with the truth that “All the rituals and worship performances are means for those moral purposes. Islam is centered on the high moral character of the Qur’an. This is the same morality that the Prophets called for and was committed to until the appearance of the Messenger of Allah as the last of the Prophets and Messengers.

These are brief insights on the subject of the study of this valuable book, which if the Muslims knew its value, will have it in every Muslim house for reading, understanding and application.

Allah Almighty rewarded the thinker Hammadi for the nation all the best. He did his best through this his effort to renew this religion. The author aims at granting freedom from the rubble of additions. This is the way to a real understanding of the religion in the light of meditation and reading the objectives. The scholars and thinkers should start with the vision developed by the author Al-Hammadi to establish a bright future for the nation of Islam and for all humanity.

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