The divine speech

Mystery of the catastrophe that Muslims have been witnessing for 1,400 years

This article is a sincere invitation for every Muslim who respects his mind, and thanks Allah Almighty for the grace of reason, and the knowledge that Allah Almighty has taught Adam. Allah Almighty deposited this knowledge in the mind of man to comprehend the truth and knowledge and draw the laws of life to build the earth on just and peaceful.

It is the mercy of the Creator Almighty to send messengers and Prophets. Those messengers came with holy books. The objective is to guide people and illuminate the way of life and to bring people out of darkness to light with facts and knowledge. The aim is to help people live in happiness, peace, prosperity and brotherhood.

In the holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty addresses the minds of people. Allah Almighty orders people to comprehend the verses of the holy Qur’an and the nature and creation. The aim is to establish the law of Allah Almighty and a system that grants people absolute freedom to choose their beliefs. The behavior of people is guided by the great values ​​which have never been lived up to by the greatest human civilizations. These are the principles of justice, cooperation, mercy, peace and love among people.

It is an invitation to the intellectuals in the various fields, and to the religious scholars of all disciplines in the Islamic world in all their sects. The aim of the invitation is to search seriously and sincerely to get out of the disaster experienced by Muslims such as wars, battles and conflicts, for more than fourteen centuries until today. The nation witness the shed of tears and hunger that reached its amount, the diseases spread mercilessly amongst people. The cities were ruined and resolved by enmity, disobedience, hatred and revulsion.

The Muslim intellectuals are now called upon to stand responsible. They should work without distinction of sect, assembly, group or party. They should work seriously and in impartial cooperation and research in order to reach a single concept agreed upon by all parties on the meaning of the verses of the Quran for the good of humanity. They should leave behind the sources of their stories with full awareness, faith and certainty that the Islamic religion has one reference, the Book of Allah. The holy Qur’an was revealed to the Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. The Prophet was ordered by Allah Almighty to convey to all people. The holy Qur’an should be the source to derive the different laws needed by all human societies to organize their affairs on the basis of justice and mercy. The Muslims should be united and be truly the best nation, which carries the torch of the divine light to illuminate for all humanity. Muslims should lead the path of mercy, justice, freedom and peace, and provide people with ways of good, cooperation and respect for human rights and cultural development. Muslims should be brave in front of Allah and in front of themselves and their communities in a sincere and faithful way to the divine law. Muslims should review, study and investigate the truth in the book of Allah and to search for the causes of disagreement between Muslims since the death of the Prophet.


The book «Muslims .. Between the religious discourse and the divine speech », for the researcher and thinker Ali Mohammed Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi, issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution»

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