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Ali Muhammad Al – Shurafa Al – Hammadi writes: The Qur’anists

Allaah says ” And insolently did the infidels say to each other: «Do not listen to this Qur’an and, when recited, contrive and contradict the provisions of its edicts loudly as to make it nearly nugatory; perhaps you will gain the upper hand.»” (Fusilat 26)
(1) Allah Almighty chose Muhammad, peace be upon him, as a messenger to all people.

(2) Allah Almighty commissioned the messenger to convey a book that includes no ambiguous thoughts as guidance to the righteous people. The verses of the Holy Qur’an included signs of divine lights to enlighten the human path towards what is right, good and virtuous.

(3) During the commissioning, the Almighty said to His Messenger; ” O you the Messenger: Proclaim and intimate all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and if you do not, then you Will have not proclaimed His message. Under His tutelage, Allah protects you from the people who are characterized by acts of prepensed malice and hostile intentions. Indeed Allah does not guide to His path of righteousness those who are given to infidelity”  (Al Maidah: 67)

(4) That verse clearly states that there is no doubt that Allah Almighty did not assign His Messenger another mission other than informing all people of the verses of Allah Almighty contained in the Holy Qur’an. Allah Almighty says; ” 192- And this Quran is indeed a disclosure of divine knowledge, wisdom and practical divinity sent down to man from Allah, the Creator of the worlds, the visible and the invisible, past, present and those to come. 193- It is brought down by Allah’s errand, the faithful and honourable Holy Spirit Jibril (Gabriel). 194- Who imparted it O Muhammad to your innermost thoughts and to the repository of your consciousness so that you serve as a spectacle and a warning.”  (Al Shu’araa: 192-194).

(5) Allah Almighty has enjoined His Messenger to call people with good exhortation. Allah Almighty said: ” Invite people O Muhammad graciously to the path of Allah, the path of righteousness, with wise, graceful and appropriate inducements meeting them on their own ground and propitiating them, each in his own capacity, to open their hearts’ ears and their minds’ eyes. Reason with them in a logical, peaceable and gracious manner; Allah, your Creator, knows best those who have wandered from His path of righteousness and He knows best those who steer a straight course and Providence their guide.” (Al Nahl 125). Allah Almighty ordered the messenger not to force people to follow and accept the message and the faith in the verse; “Had Allah willed O Muhammad, He would have induced all people domiciled on earth to conform to His will and to His system of faith and worship. Would you then twist peoples’ opinions into accordance with your party and force them to conform to Islam!” (Yunus: 99). This is because Allah Almighty explains to the Messenger the method of advocacy and belief for people. This advocacy ensures the right of worship for all people and grants that there is no coercion. Moreover, the Almighty affirms that there is no tutelage on religion and the call for the faith. Allah Almighty says: “Had Allah willed, He would have graced them with a religious mind and they would not have incorporated with Him other deities. And you rest assured that We did not send you to watch over their innocence and folly, nor are you entrusted to their care or responsible for their ordinary pursuits of life.” (Al An’am 107)

(6) Can the Messenger contravene the commands of Allah Almighty to abide by informing people of the verses of the Holy Qur’an aimed at guiding people to the path of good and for them to achieve security, happiness, mercy and justice in life and safety on the Day of Resurrection when everyone is judged according to his deeds. Allah Almighty says: ” But he whose book, bearing his record, is given in his left hand will pitifully say: «I wish I had suffered eternal death then I would never have been given that book».” (Al Haqqato 25). Does reason and logic accept that the Messenger of Allah will come with the words of him or the legislation other than what Allah Almighty ordered him to do it? How can the logic be reconciled between the main task entrusted to the Messenger by Allah Almighty to the believers and the tens of thousands of stories and narrations that overwhelmed the verses of the Qur’an that Allah has revealed to the Messenger by the faithful Spirit attributed to him unjustly. How come these hadiths are not included in the Holy Qur’an if they are the revelation of Allah?!! Allah Almighty says: “So, these are cosmic signs characteristic of the vast scale of the universe and its changes which We relate to you O Muhammad in truth by inspiration actuated by the Spirit Jibril (Gabriel). If they -the infidels- refuse to acknowledge the truth as is featured in these signs; what then will convince them if this Quran and these signs do not?” (Al-Jathiyya: 6). This verse confirms to us that there is no Hadith other than the verses of Allah and there is no legislation except from Allah Almighty and no obedience except to Allah Almighty and to what the Messenger has conveyed of wisdom, sermon and worship. Allah Almighty says in his book; “You people have always had an exemplar of the Messenger of Allah who displays a good quality as well as a magnificent attribute of a great master whose conduct induces imitation by the one in whose bosom hope springs eternal of Allah’s mercy and of the bliss of the hereafter and applies remembrance to Allah often enough.” (Al Ahzab: 21). Allah Almighty commands Muslims to follow the Prophet as an example who explains to people the divine objectives behind the verses. The Prophet was a practical example to people for wisdom to teach Muslims the acts of worship. The Prophet taught Muslims the actual practice of praying, fasting, or pilgrimage to the Holy House and dealing with people. Muslims learn from the Prophet how to arrange their relationships with each other and to execute the noble values ​​such as mercy, justice, charity and cooperation. The Prophet was, as described, a true Qur’an in the shape of a human being peace be upon him.

(7) A – From the above, we conclude that our Allah Almighty is one. “He is Allah the only llah there is, AL-Malik (the Sovereign), AL-Qudus (Perfection personified), AL-Salam (the Emblem of peace), AL Mu-min (the Source and Trustee of Faith), AL-Muhaymin (the Paramount Ruler of the Universe), AL- Aziz (the Almighty), AL-Gabbar (the Omnipotent), and AL-Motakbber (the Highest Authority). Supreme as He is, He is far above those they incorporate with Him.”  (Al Hashr 24)

B – We believe in what is stated in the holy Qur’an of legislation, values, justice, and mercy and to treat people with justice and charity.

C- We believe that Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is an imam and messenger of Allah for all people. He came to people with a divine speech containing the words of Allah Almighty to guide people to what grants them benefit. There is no Imam but the Prophet who did not convey any other jurisdiction except that mentioned in the verses of the holy Qur’an. All the mentioned narrations except the verses of the holy Qur’an is a reflection of what Allah Almighty referred to in the holy verse; ” 7- O you who believe with hearts impressed with religious and spiritual virtues: if you intend to direct your minds and thoughts to striving in the cause of Allah and to make His purpose the heart of your purpose, He will help you defend your final cause and help you take a firm position and set your feet firm. 8- But those who denied Allah, He will afflict with the miseries of fallen greatness and imprint their works with irreverence, profanity and damnation. 9- A disposition rightfully earned for their averted state of mind and mental attitude of persistently opposing all that Allah has revealed in conformity with truth and in agreement with reality; and so He doomed their hopes to disappointment and their deeds to worthlessness.” (Muhammad: 7-9)

Is it coincidence that the collection of Hadiths narrated by the Companions and others and attributed to the Prophet, peace be upon him, have been carried out by the Big Four in the middle of the third century after the death of the Prophet? These four are namely Al-Bukhari / Abudaoud / Al-Tirmidhi / Ibn Majah / at the same time and all of them were born in the Persian state during the rule of their country who adopted the Zoroastrianism as religion.

How can the credibility of the accounts be confirmed after more than two centuries of the death of the Prophet? What is the purpose of the collecting of tens of thousands of narrations that have no basis for certain and are not necessary because of the existence of the Holy Qur’an? The verses of the holy Qur’an were completed in the Farewell Pilgrimage when the Prophet conveyed to Muslims the holy verse of the Almighty; ” Today have I complemented for you your religion and made all grace abound in you. And I have chosen for you Islam as the acceptable system of faith and worship ” (Al Maidah 3).  Did Allah Almighty grant the messenger the right to add or delete verses in the holy Qur’an? What was the task of Allah Almighty to the messenger in regards to conveying the message of Islam? In this, the Almighty says: ” O you the Messenger: Proclaim and intimate all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and if you do not, then you Will have not proclaimed His message. Under His tutelage, Allah protects you from the people who are characterized by acts of prepensed malice and hostile intentions. Indeed Allah does not guide to His path of righteousness those who are. Given to infidelity” (Al Maidah 67). Allah Almighty revealed a honorable book to the Messenger to inform all people. The objective for this honorable book is to be taken as a guide. The book helps people cope with the burdens of life. It adjusts the rhythm of the movement of human societies, prevents the tyranny of people against each other, and spreads peace among people to live in harmony, cooperation and love. The book spreads security among people and achieves stability that inspires people to improve their life standard. Allah Almighty says; “Nor does he give utterance to words, moved by selfish motives, or utters error against Allah and commits his heart to inequity,” (Al Najm 3). This verse means that when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recites the Qur’an, he does not speak according to his own desire, but rather it is a revelation that was revealed to him as a glorious Qur’an. In the same surah, Allah Almighty says; “But what he relates to you people is nothing other than a Quran revealed to him by inspiration from Allah, and it extends to all subjects treated,” (Al Najm 4).  This verse means that what the Prophet says is a holy Qur’an that was an inspiration from Allah Almighty to convey to people and to explain to them the wisdom and explains to them the objectives of Allah Almighty mentioned in the holy verses. In the previous verses of Allah Almighty to His Messenger, we conclude that Allah ordered the messenger to communicate the message to people only through reading and reciting the holy Qur’an and through teaching them wisdom. The responsibility of the Prophet was a specific task not to be increased or decreased. However, it seems that the recipients of the divine verses could not induce the wishes, desires and ambitions of the human soul to withstand the temptations of life and be able to curb it. The morals and ethics of the holy Prophet himself were raised and elevated by Allah Almighty. The Prophet rose to the ranks of angels who got rid of passions and their hearts were purified. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, came with the divine light to guide humanity from darkness to light. The Prophet came to guide humanity from the darkness of oppression, injustice and criminality in all its forms to the light of freedom, love, fraternity, cooperation, peace and justice. Muslims derive their religious applications for jurisprudence and legislation from two sources. The first is the words conveyed directly in the revelation of Allah Almighty in the holy book that is reserved until the Day of Judgment. The second source is the statements that have been attributed to the Prophet by the companions and were transferred by the top Hadith collectors more than two hundred years after the death of the Prophet. Are these two sources equal? Is the total dependence of the religious jurisprudence on the source of the narrations only intentionally in order to neutralize the Qur’an? The aim and purposes of the narrators of Hadith was to isolate the Qur’an from Islamic jurisprudence and to achieve the formulation of the Islamic personality that achieves the distinction between Muslims. This distinction resulted in creating multiple sects and groups who fight each other. Thus, this has led to evade the divine values ​​that adopt mercy, justice, cooperation and peace among all people. A look at the history of Muslims will confirm to us what happened such as the bloody wars that took place between Muslims and the rival Islamic teams. Each of these teams claimed to be the advocate of Islam and the faith and consider the others as infidel because they don’t agree with the advocacy of this same sect. the fight amongst these sects increased and the enemies of the Islamic faith have achieved what they are planning, to provoke fighting among the Arab Muslims and preoccupying them away from their enemy. The Israelis are waiting for the missed opportunities of the Arabs and continue to expand the settlements at the expense of the Palestinian people so that they will not have a meter of land to negotiate for and the Israelis will occupy the entire Palestinian territory. The full proof of those catastrophic consequences is what happened in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. The Israelis and their allies succeeded in blowing up the Arab homeland to achieve their goals to protect the permanent security of the State of Israel to expand its borders from the Nile to the Euphrates. If they had succeeded in 2011 in Egypt, they would have achieved their goals, but Allah Almighty has failed them.

Allah Almighty has described the Qur’an as the best of speech. Allah Almighty says; “In complete glory did Allah reveal the best discourse -the Quran” (Al Zummar 23). In another verse, Allah Almighty says; “So, these are cosmic signs characteristic of the vast scale of the universe and its changes which We relate to you O Muhammad in truth by inspiration actuated by the Spirit Jibril (Gabriel). If they -the infidels- refuse to acknowledge the truth as is featured in these signs; what then will convince them if this Quran and these signs do not?” (Al- Gathiah 6). Allah Almighty says; “What then will convince them if this Quran does not.” (Al Mursalat 50). These verses mean that the name Hadith is only to be attributed to the verses of the holy Qur’an. If the revelation was not sent to Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, and the Qur’an was revealed to him, then he will not be a messenger or a prophet. He will be like any other normal person amongst his people. Allah Almighty knows how to make the divine message to his creation. Thus, Allah Almighty tasked Prophet Muhammad to convey the message to all people to guide them through the way of good and right. Allah Almighty has ordered the Prophet with a specific mandate. Allah says; “O you the Messenger: Proclaim and intimate all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and if you do not, then you Will have not proclaimed His message. Under His tutelage, Allah protects you from the people“. What message does Allah Almighty want the Prophet to convey to people? Is not the Qur’an a message from Allah Almighty to his creation? Does Muhammad have the right to disobey the orders of Allah Almighty and he informs people of something other than that which Allah has assigned to him, namely, the Qur’an? Allah says: “Those who denied Allah and stood in the way to prevent Allah’s spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth, has He imprinted their deeds with irreverence, profanity and damnation. {1} But those who believed in Allah, with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety, believed in all that has been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad from Allah, in conformity with truth, has Allah erased and deleted their sins and has given them peace of mind and peace of conscience. {2} Such dispositions: were indeed befitting for the reason that those who denied Allah went in pursuit of the worthless and in vain they wasted their days, while those who believed in Allah with hearts impressed with the image of virtues sought the truth disclosed by Him. Thus Does Allah discourse to people their parables. {3}” (Muhammad 1-3). These verses mean that people were divided into two groups; some of them follow the right that was revealed to the Prophet, the Holy Qur’an. The other group followed the falsehood path. Those who disbelieved in the Qur’an and followed the narrations, that became a substitute for the Qur’an, created a new religion that does not link with the message of Islam, which Allah Almighty commands us to follow in the holy book. It is necessary for every person to determine his position if he is one of the people of the Qur’an, then Allah Almighty will accept his repentance and reconcile them. But those who follow the narrations of the devils, Allah Almighty will punish them according to their evil deeds. Did not the Prophet complained to Allah as Allah Almighty says; “And there shall the Messenger express to Allah, his Creator his discontent at his people; he says now as he said earlier in life below «O Allah my Creator, I presented to my people Your divine message but my people took a dislike to Your divine discourse -the Quran- and they rejected it as a groundless fiction, and what they formed in their minds they exhibited in action” (Al-Furqan: 30). Did not Allah say; “So, these are cosmic signs characteristic of the vast scale of the universe and its changes which We relate to you O Muhammad in truth by inspiration actuated by the Spirit Jibril (Gabriel). If they -the infidels- refuse to acknowledge the truth as is featured in these signs; what then will convince them if this Quran and these signs do not?” (Al Jathiyah 6). How did those ignorant people dare, those people who “Their ill-natured hearts reflect the morbidity inherent in their innermost being, and consequently did Allah make their seats of intellect melt away in disease and lassitude that they addicted themselves to vice, and there awaits them a fitting punishment for their intentional assertion of what is false” (Al-Baqarah 10). Those people call the person a Qur’anist as an accusation if he sticks to the Qur’an and considers it higher than everything else. They accuse the individual of being a Qur’anist if this person considered the word of Allah Almighty above the words of the angels and the prophets. I swear to Allah Almighty that this accusation is the highest recognition that a Muslim can have. It means that this Muslim sticks to the holy Qur’an and that this person uses the Qur’an as his reference away from the Israeli tales and narrations. What has happened to the minds of the Muslim Arabs? How come their minds and souls have narrowed their way and reached this slope? Are they insulting and attacking the Messenger of Allah? Allah Almighty has revealed a clear Qur’an to remind people and to awaken the minds to comprehend that the sons of Israel tried by various means to eliminate the Islamic call since the days of the Prophet of Islam. From the beginning of the mission of the Prophet, they incited the infidels of Quraysh to assassinate him. When they failed their plot, the various Jewish tribes in Madinah started a frank war against Muslims to abolish the message of Islam. Allah Almighty supported the messenger who defeated them in all battles. Then, they turned to the weapon of rumors and fabricated lies about the Messenger of Allah. they made up thousands of narrations and attributed them to the companions and then to the Prophet. The Jews were able to convince a large number of Muslim advocates. The Jews exaggerated in amplifying the position of these Hadith narrators in the Arab and Islamic world through all means of propaganda such as printing tens of thousands of books and folders to give credibility and reverence for those novels. So Muslims rushed from everywhere to glorify the narrators and sanctify their views, until they became religious references that cannot be criticized or corrected. We even cannot correct some of the concepts that insult the Prophet peace be upon him and the holy Qur’an. These narrations were considered nonnegotiable, holy and consecrated. The Israelis were able to build a new religion on their stories and were supported and reinforced by a group of scholars of the different sects and faiths attributed to the companions of the Messenger of Allah, to achieve the sacred state and credibility for these narrations and stories. Thus, they were able to strike a siege on the minds of Muslims by preventing them from thinking and observing as Allah Almighty commanded. The aim was to stray Muslims away from the holy Qur’an. The plot continued to destroy the Arab mind to remain dependent on the statements of the ancestors and keep the minds bound by the shackles they invented.

Therefore, this confirms the continuation of the conspiracy of the Jews and their followers; the ignorant and the illiterate, in their attempts to instill fear in anyone who tries to restore the status of the Qur’an as the basis of the message of Allah to people.  These verses include the teachings of Islam and its legislations. They use the term Qur’anist as an accusation to terrorize Muslims and to stray them away from thinking as ordered in the book of Allah. Allah Almighty has taught Adam all the names. These names were the knowledge that started since the beginning of creation until the Day of Judgment. Allah Almighty has revealed this knowledge to the Prophet as the key of knowledge in Surat (Iqra) the first Surat that was revealed to the Messenger of Allah in the Qur’an. The plot aimed at maintaining the continued departure of Muslims from the Qur’an. The enemies of Allah Almighty and the enemies of the message will deploy rumors and narrations about the Qur’an to make their books devastate. Allah Almighty says; “And insolently did the infidels say to each other: «Do not listen to this Quran and, when recited, contrive and contradict the provisions of its edicts loudly as to make it nearly nugatory; perhaps you will gain the upper hand»” (Fussilat: 26). In the light of the above, we face the following questions:

(1) How could the conspirators on the message of Islam and the enemies of Allah Almighty create stories and narrations that contradict the values ​​of the Qur’an and tolerability of religion?

(2) How could they sink the minds in the marshes of strife, division, murder and destruction while Allah Almighty calls for cooperation among people on righteousness, mercy, tolerance and love among people?

(3) How could they tear the unity of the message into conflicting and competing belligerent references, each seeking authority and prestige in society?

(4) How they managed to make us tools to destroy the religion of peace and love and turn us into wild monsters that lost all values ​​of humanity? How could we neglect the message of Islam of justice and peace and to kill each other under the banner of Allah Akbar? The reason is that Muslims abandoned the divine discourse of the Holy Qur’an.

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