The Arab thinker Ali Al Shurafa; «Voice of reason and moderation»

Written by: Dr. George Tarrad

In this era of sectarian fanaticism, where identity killings flourish and takfiri calls are active, the most heinous crimes are committed in the name of religion while religion is certainly innocent. We need rational voices, moderate ideas and tolerant attitudes. If it were not for reason, our nation would be ruined.

In his new book «Muslims between religious speech and the divine speech», the voice of the Arab thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi, is the voice of reason and moderation.

Thus, it is a luminous jewel in this time of darkness. It is the return to the divine origin instead of the distraction and drift in the stream of addictions and tendentious interpretations. These fabricated interpretations corrupt the religion -all religions- because it distanced it from the original source and imbue it with suspicious deviations. These interpretations control the minds and souls; paving the way to the voices of violence, extremism and slaughter. The voice of pure faith is lost; and has no influence but in the hearts of few numbers of the true pious, true and illuminated individuals, who separate between the source and what were attached to it such as the additions and deviations which have nothing to do with the true source.

Whoever truly knows the thinker Ali Al Shurafa, will be well aware that this man, in all his positions and situations, always calls for the return to true Islam. He calls for the return to the true religion, and to depart from all that can distort the divine religion from its integrity and tolerance, and the great moderation that characterizes it.

The thinker Al Shurafa, in all his articles and studies, carries the banner of reason, openness and acceptance of the other. The divine discourse, he says, “Allah Almighty addresses all people through it, without exception. This discourse is a plea mixed with mercy and compassion and warning for the benefit of all people ».

Throughout the book, the thinker Al Shurafa makes a sincere effort to distinguish between what is a religious discourse and what is a divine discourse. The writer believes that the religious discourse is based on narrations and human statements that cannot be verified by any means. In the same time, the divine discourse is based on the word of Allah stated in the Holy Quran and its signs that produces light for the benefit of all humanity, in which mercy, justice, freedom, charity, peace, cooperation and equality spread among all people, as said by the thinker.

Therefore, the thinker Ali al-Shurafa calls for adherence to the divine discourse and not to any other speech. This is the solution to all the chronic problems in our Islamic world. The knowledge of disease leads to the discovery of the medication. The best medicine for the disease that ravages our societies is the adherence to the divine discourse, as Al Shurafa says in this book. In his book, the voice of reason, moderation and concern for the true religion and teachings of the religion is obvious. The thinker ensures the importance of repairing any defect that can result from the deviations that must occur in all societies.

Finally, how much do we need such voices of reason!

Moreover, how much do we suffer; because such voices are absent, or they are more or less absent!

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