Imams from Nouakchott call for returning to the “divine discourse”

On Friday, during the sermons of the day, a number of imams of the mosques of the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, called for the return to the “divine discourse” and to return to the pure roots of Islam.

The website “Mauritian”, published by the Mauritanian Foundation for Publishing and Distribution, followed what was said by the imams in their sermons that the religion of Islam came to all people. Islam is the religion of equality, justice, tolerance and mercy. The Imams added that it is unacceptable to rely on interpretations that do not conform to the broad limitations of the faith of Islam.

One of the imams in the province of «Arafat», the state of South Nouakchott, said that the book of the preacher Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa Hammadi, «Muslims between religious speech and the divine speech», came to provide a recipe consistent with Islam on the need to return to the right divine discourse, as a solution to all the problems of the nation.


“Mauritanian” website for Mauritanian publishing and distribution

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