Britain is the safe haven for the Muslim Brotherhood

The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have taken the concept of untruthfulness to propagate the ideology of the obscurantist group, relying on their supporters and their media branches, which contribute greatly to spreading rumors. They use Britain as a place to practice their criminal activity. Here, we seek opinions of experts on the reasons that the terrorist groups use Britain as a refuge.

Tharwat al-Kharbawi, an expert on terrorist groups, said that the UK had adopted the terrorist group since its inception. The UK was the main supporter of the group in the era of Hassan al-Banna. In 1956, during the tripartite aggression against Egypt, members of the group fled to Britain and directed a radio station against the Egyptian army and people.

Al-Kharbawi said that the policies of Britain are in line with the political policies of the Muslim Brotherhood, and this is what makes it possible to communicate with the mother country, which supports terrorism worldwide. Al-Kharbawi pointed out that the largest concentration of themembers of the Muslim Brotherhood in the world is in Britain where they receive inclusive support.

Shehab Wajih, an expert on terrorist organizations, said that the main reason that the terrorist group hold meeting in Britain is that London is not a member of the European Schengen Convention and, by virtue of its non-membership; the terrorist leaders are free to move within the country.

Wajih added that the terrorist leaders who met with the leader of the Brotherhood Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, according to the statement of the Ministry of the Interior, confirm the extent of his involvement with the terrorist groups, since they are all known for their connection with the terrorist operations.

The expert in the affairs of terrorist groups pointed out that the relations between Egypt and Britain are not subject to the Extradition Convention, which would exchange accused elements in matters affecting national security in both countries.

Quoted From: Akhbar Aloum

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