The divine speech

Why did Muslims ignore the application of divine legislation?

As Allah Almighty invited Muslims to study the holy book, Muslims are also invited to search for the reasons that led to the differences, variations and separations that took place between Muslims. These differences have created a state of hostility and conflict among Muslims since the death of the Prophet – peace be upon him – until present.

Let us ask ourselves this urgent question, which has waited for many centuries.

First: Why did Muslims for centuries stay away from the application and follow of the divine legislation that is based on the commands of Allah Almighty and its values ​​and high morals that call for good, love, justice, peace and mercy?

We will not be able to answer this question except through studying the root causes and roles of the enemies of the message of Islam, and the false accounts and rumors they have developed, aiming at diverting Muslims from the divine approach to keep them away from recognizing the signs of the holy Qur’an and its supreme goals and warning Muslims against conflict.

There is no way but to return to the divine reference, the reference of the Holy Quran, so as not to be controlled by the human religious references that sanctify their approach to distract people from the origin, the Holy Quran.

Allah Almighty wanted us to adopt the holy Qur’an and to follow the noble prophet as a model to us who conveyed the message of Allah as ordered.

It is an only approach that Allah Almighty wanted us to unite behind. The aim is to avoid division and fragmentation. However, the state of division took place. If we unite behind the original authority – the Holy Quran – we can get rid of this state of division and to stop the deterioration and conflict state that happened due to the conflict among Muslims that the enemies want us to suffer from.

Those enemies wish for the endurance of the state of division. They want these differences to continue until the end. We at present witness a horrible state of division among Muslims who are divided into the various doctrines of different sects with black flags and red swords covered with the blood of the innocent people in the name of jihad for Allah Almighty – as they claim – and as punishment for the infidels. Those evil doers claim that they work for Allah but in fact they work to achieve the objectives of the enemies to control the Arab wealth, the enemy aims at destroying our security, and ruining our homeland because our people are busy in constant conflict among themselves, and are exhausted by conflict and torn by fight.

The Arab leaders no longer see a way out to achieve peace and cannot predict what is coming in the future from those who are plotting to destroy their homeland and wealth. The Arab leaders cannot foretell the evil plans coming from hell to continue the fire and treason between the Arabs to enable the sons of Israel to achieve their dreams of the extension of their state from the Nile to the Euphrates. The enemies plan for the fall of hundreds of thousands of victims. They plan for Arab bloodshed to cover the Arab deserts. They plan for the collapse of villages and cities. They plan to kill the civilians and displace millions of people. They plan to drown our children in the sea. They plan to make our women widows. The enemies want the victims not to find any helper who provide assistance, support or anyone who is mercy on them.

The incidents that took place and what happened in Iraq and are still happening in Syria, Yemen and Libya is a witness to what the west countries, USA and Israel are planning for. They are planning to eradicate the capabilities of the Arabs. They are planning to occupy the Arab land, destroy Arab potentials and ruin Arab homeland.

Our eyes see what happens, our heart is bleeding, our castles are coming down, our people are drunk, and the wailing of the victims is echoing between the earth and the sky. The echo comes back to ask if there is not a wise man amongst you. The divine answer comes to warn us saying:

How many towns did We reduce into a useless form in requital of their wickedness which grew more and more daily. Great was Our indignation against them that it spoke thunder on some at night while asleep and on others during their siesta. When our anger was displayed in action, nothing did they say with pining regrets and vain repentance but: «we were wrongful of actions».” (Al A’raf: 5)

Yes, we have no way out but to return and unite behind the reference of the Holy Quran. The holy Qur’an includes a divine command to gather around the holy flag and not to allow differences to turn us apart. The Almighty says:

Hold firmly together and grasp the eternal and unchangeable sublime system of Allah! Lay hold of it with the mind and do not be discordant among yourselves.” (Al Nisaa: 103)

This verse puts the Arab Muslims in front of a test and an assessment. We all have to go towards achieving a historic reconciliation, unify our efforts, prepare our strength and cooperate with each other in good and bad conditions, to restore our rights. If we disobey the commands of the Almighty, we will be punished and face the wrath of the Almighty on the Day of Judgment.

And then we must bear all the consequences of that challenge and disobedience to the commands of Allah and what will result in this world of the wrath of Allah Almighty and in the Hereafter we will face a great punishment.

The Arab leaders have a religious and moral responsibility to restore the friendly relationships between the brothers.  They have to work to stop the shed blood and money. They have to work to use the divine approach included in the Holy Quran to enact legislation that stems from the verses in the rebuilding of the Arab relations according to the standards of the holy Qur’an that dictate unity and governance in justice and cooperation under the pretext of mercy and brotherhood. We should ignore every other reference except the holy Qur’an which is the sole references of Islam. The other references have led us towards division and loss. Accordingly, we witnessed the wars, killing, destruction and the succeeding strife.

There is no salvation except through reference to the Book of Allah; the Holy Qur’an, which lights the way for us to bring us out of the darkness to the light.

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