The divine speech

Why did Allah Almighty create different nations and tribes?

Allah Almighty has made people of different nations and tribes. No nation is better than the other. This variety and diversity in human customs, cultures and traditions requires acquaintance and learning each other’s language, so that they can cooperate for the good and benefit of all people, security and rapprochement through carrying out trade and economic cooperation, tourism and exploratory visits. The aim is to learn about the cultures of other nations and the exchange of experiences and human knowledge. Allah only has the right to judge peoples’ actions and deeds. Allah only knows who does good or bad deeds.

There is no advantage for any person over another, except through the work that is good for himself and his community. There is no immunity to anyone in front of Allah Almighty, only those who believe in Allah and are committed to the rituals of worship and the divine rules for relationships, and those who do well.

The messages of heaven over time were only an appeal to human beings to elevate the souls and to promote the ethics of man and to follow the values ​​of virtue in the Qur’an. This is to be achieved through which the character of man is formed, to be a soul of fairness, love, good and peace, a soul that deals with compassion and spread love among people, love of life. The aim is a soul that seeks the use of the mind to explore the knowledge, science and secrets inherent in nature and exploitation of the blessings that Allah Almighty has deposited to his creation on land. The soul of the human beings should derive the laws of life that Allah Almighty deposited in the holy book for all people. The people should work to spread the good utilizing of wealth for the benefit of all mankind.


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