Pillars of Islam

The true goals of the message of Islam

The message of Islam, sent by Allah to the Prophet Mohammed- may Allah bless him and grant him peace – in the holy Qur’an, to guide all people to the path of good and righteousness, to bring them out of darkness to light, to free them from the enslavement of human beings and the enslavement of idols over the minds of people. The minds of people should not be dependent of the tales and the Israeli narrations.

Thus, the divine speech came, to liberate our thoughts from submission to the former nations, by liberty and the freedom of belief and freedom of thought to employ it in research, conclusion, creativity and the development of science in various aspects of life. This should be carried out under the divine guidance of Allah Almighty in his holy book. In the holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty said, in reference to the former nations in their beliefs, religions and rituals of worship:

In effect they projected their own cause so as to say: «We have found our fathers bent on a particular system of faith and worship and we walk in their foot steps.»” (Al Zukhruf 22)

In this verse, Allah  instructs Muslims not to be captives of the ideas of older people, their interpretations and concepts. They have their time, circumstances, age and requirements.

To this end, people should draw from the Holy Quran what they can achieve the requirements of their present, of legislation, values ​​and virtue, confirming that the book of Allah Almighty is valid for all time and place, with the required mercy, justice and cooperation, which adapts to the instinct of all ages and all human societies.

In order to achieve that noble goal, Allah Almighty, in his divine speech, “The Holy Quran”, laid down the rules that determine the road map for man in his minimum life. Allah appointed man to perform the duties of worship without contradicting the requirements of this life and the divine rituals such as prayers, fasting, zakat and hajj.

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