The Best Selling Book at the “Alexandria Book Fair”

The writings of the Emirati thinker and researcher Ali Mohammed Al-Shurafa Al Hammadi received an unprecedented response from the audience of the Alexandria International Book Fair, especially the youth and university students, who bought books and viewed them in the hall of “Al-Nokhba”. The book fair was held from March 30th to April 10th.

In top of these books is the book «Muslims between the religious speech and the divine speech» of the thinker Ali Al-Shurafa, which discusses the issue of abandonment of the Holy Quran [the divine speech], which calls for mercy and thinking, and the reference is Allah Almighty. The divine speech was replaced with [religious speech] that calls for killing, destruction and accusing others of being unbelievers. The reference of the religious speech is the Hadith attributed to the Prophet, the companions and the elders of religion. These Hadith depend on the narrations, tales, and the statements and actions that aim at providing services to the enemies of Islam. Some of those who converted to Islam did in subordination. They did not believe in Islam with their hearts, or their minds. In addition, they aim at creating tales that please the Muslim commoners who will not reject these tales. That is to say, they act in harmony, to fit reality, and to relate to religion only with an imaginary thread unrelated to the true divine speech.

The second book, written by Ali al-Hammadi, is “The Message of Islam … Mercy, Justice, Freedom and Peace” issued in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. The book calls for a return to the divine speech based on five pillars: The importance of paying attention to the moral awareness, and agreeing on the correlation between social reform and the production of religious discourse devoid of extremism, radicalism, fanaticism. All this stems from an understanding of the nature of the difference between “religious speech” and “divine speech”, or the knowledge of the fundamental differences between religion and being religious, between the religion teachings and the religious teachings.

The book begins by defining the difference between the religious speech and the divine speech, based on the verse 23 of Surat Al-Imran, in which Allah Almighty says: “Have you not seen, O Muhammad, the disposition of those who had their share of the Book and divine knowledge, how evasive they are! When the Quran is chosen as the arbiter in a dispute to settle all matters of difference, some of them pay no attention.

Commenting on that verse, the author says,: “There are two paths, no third, the path of truth and the path of error. Those who follow the path of truth follow the divine speech to all people by the noble messenger of Allah. Those who follow the path of error follow the religious discourse of mankind; Allah will judge them all in the day of judgment”. The author believes that the responsibility of the Prophet was to adhere to communicate the message contained in the holy Qur’an. Therefore, there is a justified, legitimate and necessary question: “What is the reference of the novels of those who kidnapped the message through their false lies?”

it is worth mentioning that the Alexandria International Book Fair was held from March 30th to April 10th at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alexandria. This year’s figure was Dr. Taha Hussein; the Arab Cultural Salon held a meeting on the pioneer of the Arabic Literature, as part of the exhibition.

It should be noted that this year’s exhibition was characterized by organizing daily trips to schools and religious institutes during the exhibition. Books were given for free for the audience as gifts. In addition, more than 100 concerts and cultural gatherings were held during the exhibition, which visitors were estimated at more than 600,000 this year.

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