An integrated plan to get rid of the “historical impasse” of the nation

In a number of previous articles, we reviewed the magnitude of the tragedy experienced by the Islamic nation for more than 14 centuries. These centuries have witnessed the shedding of the Muslim blood, especially the Arabs, as a result of distancing themselves from the proper divine speech and using distorted religious speech, which resulted in creating an extremist terrorist ideology, in which each group calls for killing the other group claiming him to be an infidel who deserted the right faith. It is now time to ask whether it is possible to reach at a safe, practical and effective solution to get out of the “historical impasse” we have been living in since the death of the noble prophet, peace be upon him?!.

In fact, the great Arab thinker, Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi, not only talked about the historical impasse and the great crisis experienced by the Islamic nation, not even the solution to this tragedy, but in his book «Muslims .. Between religious speech and the divine speech», issued by the Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution, has put in place an integrated plan, to end the state of absence experienced by Muslims, because of the accounts attributed unjustly and aggressively to the prophet, peace be upon him, which is indeed a plan worthy of study and implementation.

The Islamic writer Ali Al-Hammadi, in the book «Muslims .. between religious speech and the divine speech», features and details of the plan to get out of the historical impasse and the great crisis experienced by the Islamic nation. The writer says: «So as not to continue to employ these false accounts, and what the devils narrate of legends and myths in order to deceive people and attract them away from the message of Islam and the divine approach carried by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, to inform people to free their minds and purify their souls and elevate them and to maintain their relationship with Allah Almighty without intermediary of human beings, to protect them from exploitation in achieving worldly goals in favor of the so-called scholars, sheikhs and Imams. So as not to be surprised on the day of reckoning and discover – when it is too late – that they have no credit that makes them escape the torture of Allah. As the Almighty said: (And when they became wilfully unmindful of all that We had imparted to them of knowledge and of the misfortunes they suffered, We opened, for them all the great channels of prosperity until their appetite and desire were gratified and they rejoiced beyond a common joy. There and then We suddenly seized them and dressed them with ruin and there, they simply gave up hope and nursed despair.) Al An’aam.

Reviving the divine speech to get out of the historical impasse

to achieve this and to protect our societies from terrorism, the killing of innocent people, the perpetuation strife, the cessation of the 14-century continuous conflict, the bloodshed and the theft of the wealth of the Arab nation through arms purchases that drain the budget of the Arab countries.

Instead of employing these billions in the development of the Arab societies, they are robbed of thieves, such as arms manufacturers and brokers, who are pushing us to fight with it, leaving the enemies of Arabism and Islam enjoying our blood flowing, and our wealth being looted.

There is no way out of the historical impasse and the intellectual legacy that established the cultural component of terrorism and led to the backwardness of the Arabs. Instead of following the book of Allah Almighty in the upgrading of the mind, where Allah Almighty made the study and reflection in his book a divine duty, and what Muslims call the divine approach in the scientific research and to abide by its laws and the adherence to its legislation, which Allah Almighty revealed to His Messenger in a clear book to put before them a road map that will serve as a guiding light for people in which they live a good life of prosperity, justice, security, mercy and peace.

Therefore, the cultural and religious leaders should seek by all means to shed light on the divine speech and to devise everything related to the establishment of a conscious religious culture that is aware of the purposes of the divine speech for the people and the good and the upright for Muslims to return to the Holy Quran. Muslims should utilize the holy Qur’an to become a sole reference to the noble values ​​and virtues to revive the human conscience. In order to create a natural immunity to man from all that Allah Almighty has forbidden, and to follow all that is commanded by the great morals to purify the soul of all shortcomings and to thank it for charity, mercy and charity. The only way out of the darkness of the narrations is through utilizing the Qur’an for the Muslims as the light that dispel darkness and illuminate the hearts of Muslims so that it can purify the hearts and sanitize the natures and raise the souls. The people should continue to be compassionate and the speech of hatred should disappear and is be replaced by the messages of love and peace from all human beings. Allah Almighty will then grant them His mercy and blessings. As Allah Almighty has promised the believers and said: “But those who believed in Allah, with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety, believed in all that has been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad from Allah, in conformity with truth, has Allah erased and deleted their sins and has given them peace of mind and peace of conscience.” (Muhammad: 2)

(And who has a better discourse or thoughts expressed in words than he whose discourse induces to the belief in Allah, His Oneness and Uniqueness, and deals with His nature and attributes and he aspires to deeds of wisdom and piety, and proclaims: «I am one of those who conform to Islam and effectuate unqualified obedience to His commands? ») (Fussilat 33)

Allah Almighty will guide all the faithful to His true religion and noble values ​​and those who are driven by the passion of souls and avoid the seduction of intellectuals, intellectuals and scholars to what Allah Almighty ordered them to follow His holy book, the holy Qur’an, faith, speech, action and legislation.


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