Noor ala Noor

«Brothers of Satan»… Have no place in Egypt

By the Emirati writer and thinker
Ali Mohammed Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi

After a long struggle between the forces of truth and the forces of falsehood .. After a century, which the Egyptian people lived in a conflict between good and evil with the brothers of Satan, the group used by the colonizer to destroy the homeland and the destruction of the national state in order to take control of their capabilities and make the state follow the policies of the western colonizers.

After all this, comes some people calling for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, that group that aims to destroy Egypt and the Arab world for the sake of the west countries.

Who supported the Brotherhood at its inception? Aren’t they the English?

Who tried to exploit and employ the revolution of July 23, is it not the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why are the forces of Western colonialism adopting them?

Who tried to kidnap the January 25 uprising and burned Cairo for the second time after failing to seize power in Egypt?

Who started the assassination of political leaders? Are not they the Muslim Brotherhood?

Who created the various terrorist groups?

Who broke into the police stations and killed the police leaders in retaliation when they failed to control the government?

How many of the martyrs of the armed forces and the police fell covered in blood?

How many innocent citizens praying in Al-Rawdah mosque have fallen, while raising their hands to Allah, calling Him to forgive their sins and protect the homeland from the people of evil?

How many peaceful people exploded by trapped car?

The members of the Muslim Brotherhood hate life. They wish the destruction of the homeland because they were driven away because of their killing of people in retaliation for not bowing to them.

With all the crimes they committed, they incite the countries and leaders of the West against the Egyptian state in order to make it fall to return for the third time to enslave the people and humiliate them and confiscate civil rights.

After that, some elites come and talk about reconciliation. What logic do they follow and for whom do they work?
Is the reason to restore the Satan and his brothers? They are truly the hypocrites whom Allah Almighty described as: “Reticent, they are swayed, in their opinions and their actions, in their conduct and in their thoughts between you people – the Muslims – and their people – the infidels – while in truth they belong neither to you nor to them. And he whom Allah does not guide to the path of righteousness, never shall you find out a way to guide him thereto.” Al Nisaa 143

Isn’t the suffering of the Egyptian people for decades enough? They planted fear and ended lives so they no longer have a place on the soil of Egypt.


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