The divine speech

For these reasons, various sects appeared in the Islamic Nation

The emergence of the different sects of Sunnis, Shiites and other sects was motivated by politics, discrimination and the creation of multiple sects. Each sect was based on a reference and has created fake narrations of Allah, and fabricated news and hadiths attributed to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The aim was to create a certain religious jurisprudence of each sect that is different from the teachings of the other sects. This has led to the separation of Muslims into various sexta and parties.

The objective is to achieve the goal of the enemies of the Islamic religion. This goal is to make Muslims depart from the Holy Quran to facilitate their separation, and sowing the seeds of strife and disputes amongst them.

Thus, the Muslims lived in a state of conflict; dispute and fighting that lasted to the present time. New sects raise the banner of Islam and at the same time assassinate the values of freedom and human rights and commit the most heinous crimes, they cut the necks of innocent people and destroy villages and cities and rape children and women.

These sects spread evil throughout the entire world as they have no care for the human first right which is life itself. They do not follow Allah’s commandment by following the divine approach which the Almighty calls upon him: «And betake yourself», they added, «to Providence for the grace He made to abound in you seeking His satisfaction -to ensure spiritual relish- Hereafter, and do not neglect your share of worldly enjoyment of what is lawful, And be kindly disposed and benevolent to others as Allah has been to you and do not pursue mischief nor create discord on earth. Allah detests those who have ill- will and mischief is natural to them». (Al Qasas: 77)

These are the commands of Allah for all people. Did the terrorist groups- such as “ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Ansar, Al-Taakfir wa Al-Hijra, Salafiyya and Al-Qaeda” and the equivalent sects – follow the divine approach clarified in this verse?

Is violating God’s orders the way to reach heaven?

Will the people who disobey Allah reach heaven through their criminal acts? Or, will they go to hell because of their criminal deeds? Will they go to hell because of their misdeeds and because of what they committed and their corruption and their obedience to the call of the Satan? Allah says, “When the die is cast then AL-Shaytan (Satan) shall say to those whose hopes were doomed to disappointment: «Allah had promised you the truth affording expectation of all that is good showing signs of future excellence». «I also promised you and afforded you ground of expectation of all that would seem good and allure you to brighter worlds. But as was expected I broke my promise». «I had no authority over you; I simply presented you with false inducements attracting your attention and influencing your appetites and I led the way». «Therefore do not blame me but you should lay the blame upon yourselves. I cannot help you now nor can you help me either from the torment laid upon the damned. Indeed, I renounced your idea of incorporating me with Allah as a predominant partner aforetime; the wrongful of actions are destined to eternal suffering» (Ibrahim: 22)

There is no way for Muslims to get out of the dark tunnel that we have lived in and still live until today except by returning to the divine discourse – the Holy Quran – to draw from it the light that our minds will illuminate and elevate with us our souls filled with mercy, love and justice. We should learn from the Holy Quran how to understand peace and to follow HIS guidance.

Source :

«Muslims .. Between the religious discourse and the divine discourse», issued by «House of Al-Nokhba printing, publishing and distribution», the researcher and the great Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi.

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