«(Nayl Al-Rutab fi Jawami’ Al-Adab) “Winning ranks in the collections of literature”» By: Mohammed Ali Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi

The pages of this book are about 370 large-size pages. It is written in a delicate way that attracts us to read it. This happens especially when we look at the interesting introduction by the writer Ali Al-Shurafa about his his wonderful father. The writer referred to his father’s cultural relationship with his contemporaries, the cultural exa,ples at the time, such as Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Rida, owner of “Al-Manar” magazine in Egypt and Abdul Aziz Al-Shamlan from Bahrain, Mubarak Al-Nakhi and Ahmed Sultan Bin Sulayem from the UAE through the author’s axis in the ideology of Islam and the extent of his attachment to the Arabism. The lines of this new book includes the diary of the author within the pure faith, which we will discuss from a pure spiritual and religious point of view, serves the national issues of our nation.

As we review the book, we will discuss its most prominent features, where we will review its positions in which the taste of history and the pulse of social life and cultural communication of the people of the UAE and its men before the emergence of oil. We will try to understand the intellectual content of this valuable book. We will read the book and try to comprehend the memories of the past and the blossoms of the recent by the innovative author who used his pen to express his well-known loyalty to the land and his loyalty to his nation. The author expresses his adherence to the covenants of the faith of Islam and his affection for science and knowledge and reform. The author has provided us with these social segments and human moral values ​​ through the good minds and the bright ideas and for the prosperity of the intellectual in the lean years before the earth provides us with the black gold. Let us look together to the thoughts of the noble and honorable author. The ideas of the author and the content of the book proves that the author has grown blessed with the mercy of Allah in a religious family attributed to the tribe of Bani Hammad, a clan affiliated with Quda’a tribe who are originally from Najd meaning that they are pure Arabs.
Nayl Al-Rutab fi Jawami’ Al-Adab

This is what we see in the origin of the author and his ideas and even in his directions, as well as the schools that appeared in Egypt, Sham and Iraq and influenced the author. Thus, this book carries an immortal heritage to the coming generations and contains a number of articles that came mostly in the form of thoughts and scattered ideas that discusses the events of that time. The author called for the policy of openness in order to benefit from the advanced experience of the West countries in science, economy and politics. The author calls for the linking of the concept of liberty, freedom and openness with the Islamic concepts while adhering to our heritage to stand consciously and insight in front of the Western wave that should not sweep the nation and the Arab-Islamic character. This character should face the risk of melting and disappearing in the context of blind imitation and loss of self-identity. The author was successful in explaining the suffering that afflicted the people of the Gulf region during and after the World War II. Later, the new political school emerged in the Arab world represented by the views of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser as the savior of the Arab reality at the time. The author had many expectations that were later proven true when he expected the defeat of the movements calling for democracy on the Western approach and the collapse of communism and the disappointment of the people due to the differences between the speeches and the deeds of their leaders. The writer also wrote several thoughts in the form of wishes and hopes that one day there will be a leadership that can establish a government on the foundations of a modern scientific approach that launch the citizen of the modern UAE who lives happily in his homeland.

 Approach of the author

The author of the book is a man who believes in Allah and the homeland, and before that he was a conscious and enlightened thinker, so his plan in life came to rely on Allah and then on himself and self-training for independence in thought. The author depends on his will and continuous work and adherence to freedom to say what he thinks is right in life and expressing it in a good way. The author depends on his pure conscience through adapting, treating, reforming and strengthening it, as well as relying on Allah in his intellectual and practical diligence. The author raises the spirit and strengthens the determination and striving to reach the highest degree of life that can be reached by the great men through ignoring the individual benefits and trying to get rid of other influences.  There is a famous approach that the Arab nation can be divided into three groups. However, our inspired writer has divided them into four groups. He added to them the ancient Arabs such as the tribes of Tasim and Jadis and others. These tribes have disappeared at present. The second group is the “Original Arabs” who are the sons of Yarub bin Qahtan. The third group is the “Affiliated Arabs” who are descendants of Isma’il ibn Ibrahim (peace be upon them).

The author call the fourth group is called “the foreign Arabs” who are originally Arabs but speak foreign languages. Under the title: “A look at Islam”, after the author goes on to introduce Islam and his values, he then says that the nation’s happiness is in the agreement and unity and cohesion through the values ​​of Sharia. The author concludes that the cause of the weakness of Muslims today is through the approach that they depend on and still follows. The author has predicted this situation and has put the cure in the book we are discussing, such as urging science and learning and adhere to the strong will, which are all in the adherence to the rules of the law and the application of its provisions and work according to its teachings on the individual and social levels.

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