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Has it become an accusation to be a “Qur’anites”?

Yesterday, I had the honor to read an article and to know the courageous thoughts of the writer Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi. The article was published on Al-Watan newspaper. Without exaggeration, I consider this article as one of the most important articles I have read in the recent years concerning the renewal of the religious discourse. This article should be the core curriculum to carry out more research in this important field, which is considered the lifeline for the Islamic mind. The article is about the so-called ” Qur’anites ” who have been subjected to the most severe persecution, detention and harassment, and finally they were exiled from their homeland. The article has an important question about the secret behind the hysteria of intimidation of the curriculum of the Qur’anites! Here, I have an innocent question: If Al-Azhar talks about specialization, why when we tell them that Prof. Ahmed Sobhy Mansour, the leader of the Qur’anites, is a specialist with a PhD and is affiliated with the Azhar University, why the Azhar University describes him as an outcast?! Therefore, it is not a matter of specialization as much as it is the allocation of a particular thought within the corridors of Al-Azhar. It is a matter of a “ghetto” that is intertwines within inside a certain sect. it is a matter of a dominant group that is fanatic towards a specific idea. Thus, besides this important article, we should recognize the points of view of the Qur’anites themselves through their own words and their own conversations. We should avoid turning around in a closed circle of the hostile enemies who transfer to you a pre-fabricated jurisdiction. We have bitterly suffered a lot from this jurisdiction especially when ISIS and the similar groups adopted the mentioned jurisdiction as a constitution to their terrorist organizations. Due to the limited space here, I will present excerpts from Sobhi Mansour’s interview with the distinguished site «Raseef 22». Thus, you will have the opportunity to start searching and to accept or reject their ideas. It is your right to accept or reject these thoughts. However, your judgment should be based on your own minds not on the minds of other people and Islamists who call for blood shed.

To define the Qur’anites, Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour said: “it is a reformist Islamic movement. We are not a sect or a party, we consider the Holy Quran as our basis in the peaceful reform of Muslims. We do not impose ourselves or our views on anyone, nor do we claim that we monopolize the truth. We wait to be judged, as well as our opponents, on the Doomsday before Allah. We have a methodology in the management of the Holy Quran based on defining its concepts from within the Qur’an itself, without imposing our opinion in advance. Rather, we look at the Holy Qur’an in impartiality and objectivity. We seek guidance from Allah Almighty and, since we seek truth, we welcome criticism and correction. We do not claim that our opinion is the view of faith or Islam, but it is a special point of view. We adopt a scientific objective curriculum in studying the fields of history, culture and jurisdiction of Muslims. We are specialized in these fields and consider them a humane work, no sanction in these studies. Our work is not free from errors and right sides. The most terrible error that can happen is the proportion of jurisprudence legislation to the Allah, Lord of Glory, and  considering this legislation the law of Allah or the Islamic law, while it is the made of scholars, who have many differences amongst themselves. As for the Sunni teachings, Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour says: “The Sunni teaching, according to the holy Qur’an, is the divine law and the divine curriculum in dealing with the polytheists, meaning that it is the law of Allah Almighty. As for the Prophet (peace be upon him); he is not a law maker, he was only an example for Muslims to follow. The sayings of the Prophet were stated in the Holy Quran, in which the word “Say” was repeated, to limit what the Prophet is authorized to say. Thus, the Sunnah is included in the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet are stated in the Qur’an, so Qur’an is sufficient for the Muslim, as the Allah, Lord of Glory has affirmed in the Holy Quran. The difference between us and the Sunnis is that they say that the practical Sunnah is the acts of worship. We disagree to that. Allah Almighty will judge us according to what is written in his holy book and not according to what Bukhari and the others have said».

Dr. Ahmed Sobhi Mansour wonders, how can we hglorify the Qur’an and at the same time oppress the Qur’anites. Dr. Mansour says:  “Most Muslims sanctify the holy book (The Moshaf), not the holy Qur’an itself. Most Muslims do not believe in the holy Qur’an unless there are writers who support it. Muslims consider these writers as a ruling sect higher that the Qur’an itself. For example: in the Qur’an, there are about 150 verses that deny the intercession of the Prophet. However, Muslims do not believe in these verses because of clinging to a number of Hadiths that claim the intercession of the Prophet. Moreover, some Muslims go further in their extremism and say that these Hadiths abolish and obliterate the jurisdiction of the Qur’an. In other words, they consider Al-Bukhary and the other Hadith scholars higher than Allah Almighty. These are worse than the people of the Prophet who have abandoned the holy Qur’an. The reason for the oppression that the Qur’anites face is just because of their reformist call to resort to the Holy Qur’an. This is a great proof that those who persecute us are in fact rejecting the holy Qur’an. ”

You have the right to reject the approach which we call for. But, is it your right to arrest, chase, deny and kill us?!

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