The most famous Shiite sects

The most famous Shiite sects … know them

The Shiite scholars have, not only, divided the Islamic nation and attached false thoughts to the pure faith, but they also divided their own sect. From within the Shiite sect itself; many sects have emerged. Each of these sects claims to be closest to the love of the bloodline of Prophet Muhammad -, especially to Al-Hussein Ibn Ali, grandson of the Prophet; peace be upon him. Not only that, but every Shiite sect accuses and condemns all other sects within the same doctrine. These sects accuse each other of infidelity and being away from the right path, just as they do with those belonging to the Sunnis. These sects fight each other and participate in wars against each other as if they were not affiliates of the religion of Islam.
The Shiite sect is divided into different groups, for example, we mention the following groups:
(1) the twelve Imams
(2) Ismailia
(3) Bohra
(4) Zaidi
(5) the ‘Alahiyyah
(6) The Safwai group
(7) Alawites
(8) The Nawsiyyah
(9) The Jnud Al-Samaa
(10) Husseini
(11) Al-Hashashoun
(12) Al-Batiniyyah

These mentioned groups are certainly not all the groups belonging to the Shiite doctrine, but they are the most famous and the most widespread and influential on the political and popular arena, over the past centuries. Some of these groups have millions of followers, while others have lost their fame, and no longer have many followers.

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