The most famous Sunnis sects

The most famous groups of the Sunnis doctrine

The term “Sunnah” appeared for the first time in the middle of the Abbasid period, where many Sunni sects originated, which are referred to as the Sunnahs of the Sunnah and Jama’ah, as if others were not followers of the Sunnah of the Prophetic Sunnah. , Malik, Hanbalis, Shaafa’is), and other doctrines.

It was decided to install the four famous doctrines, in the era of Al-Zaher Baybars during his reign to Egypt, to serve them officially and follow them as a basis for the social system in the acts of worship, transactions and litigation among the people.

Among the most famous of the Sunnahs of the Sunnah and Jama’ah are the following:

(1) The Hanafis
(2) oziyya
(3) the Maalikis
(4) The Shafi’i
(5) Hanbalis
(6) poets
(7) matrices
(8) virtualization
(9) Wahhabism
(10) Brotherhood
(11) Ahl al-Hadeeth
(12) Notification and advocacy
(13) Legal Assembly
(14) Ansar al-Sunna
(15) Sufism
(16) Hizb ut-Tahrir
(17) Atonement and migration
(18) Soldiers of the Companions

These are certainly not all sects belonging to the Sunni sect. Rather, they are the most famous Sunni sects, the most widespread and influential political and popular ones, over the past years, from the beginning of the term until the moment of writing, some of which have become followers in millions, His sun was closed, and he was about to be gone, and he had only a few followers.

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