Excuse me scholars, both Sunnis and Shiites are not right!

Do we, as Muslims, need imams, preachers, or even righteous individuals who guide us to the true concept of the Islamic religion? Or mediate for us to Allah on the Doomsday? This question may be seen by some as just an argument. Other people will see this question as an issue of fate that can solve the ideological differences between the different sects and various groups. The main reason for the fragmentation of Muslims is due to the difference between the scholars and the exploitation of each scholar of his knowledge to create for himself a doctrine of his own. Each scholar aims at having followers who believe in his thoughts and consider those who oppose these ideas as unbelievers. Also, of each group uses scholars, pious people, companions of the prophet and the House of the Prophet to promote their ideas and to deceive the simple Muslims and the illiterate individuals.

The researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi, in his valuable book ​​«Muslims  … between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution» explains many facts that reveal the false doctrines that many of the Muslims nowadays follow. The writer assures that the cause of the crisis that the Muslims are currently suffering from is that we have moved away from the divine speech, represented by the Holy Quran. We have been preoccupied with a cycle of religious speeches and false tales attributed to the Prophet. Instead of being one Islamic nation we have become hundreds of sects and groups. These nations direct their weapon to the hearts of their fellow Muslim brothers not to the hearts of their enemies to defend their religion.

In this article, quoted from his interesting book, “Muslims, between religious speech and divine speech,” the Islamic writer Ali al-Hammadi, explains that what the Shiite and Sunni scholars repeat are mere lies that they repeat in order to gain more illiterate followers. The writer says: “The supporters of both communities (Sunnis and Shiites) adopted their doctrines from misguided tales. They believed in conflicting references of those who were categorized as religious scholars or sheikhs of Islam. The followers adopted their views without examination or inspection away from the laws of Allah and the message of Islam that Allah revealed to His Messenger in the holy Qur’an. The two sects (Sunnis and Shiites) were drawn into a dark tunnel that had exhausted their blood, their energies and their economies. Hatred and animosity between Muslims had been spread by their enemies.

Sunni and Shia scholars have abandoned the Qur’an

The two sects have moved away from the straight path, abandoned the Holy Quran and followed Satan the accursed and his devout followers. The dispute and conflict between them led to their fighting. Their cities and villages were looted and their wealth plundered, each sect resorted to the enemies of Islam, requesting their support against their fellow Muslim brothers. These sects are stealing Muslim wealth, they are happy with the blood of the innocent people that flow in the deserts and valleys, although Allah Almighty warned Muslims in his book, saying Almighty:
O you whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand: Do not take the Jews and the Christians -when warring against you- as intimate friends nor favour their tutelage; they both act in concert to set themselves as your antagonists, and their ill-will unites their thoughts. And he who favours their tutelage shall be counted as one of them; Allah does not guide the wrongful to His path of righteousness.” (Al-Maidah: 51).

They disobeyed Allah and did not follow his warning, so He punishes them with what their hearts and hands have committed. What they are living today from conflict, disagreements and quarrels that spread among them, taking the Jews and the Christians as their guardians, will lead them to their fate. Allah has warned Muslims by saying:
(Do not think O Muhammad that Allah is oblivious of the doings of the wrongful of actions. He only postpones their condemnation to punishment to a Day when they stand gazing fixedly with the eyes wide open in horror,. They rush at an excessive pace with hearts sinking in their shoes, lifting up their heads in supplication for forgiveness. Their eyes cannot wink, they are fixedly gazed wide open in terror and their hearts are empty of intellect and of all hope.). (Ibrahim: 42 \ 43)

The orders of Allah have been disobeyed by both sects (the Sunnis and their groups and the Shiites and their sects) in the verse of Allah Almighty: “Hold firmly together and grasp the eternal and unchangeable sublime system of Allah! Lay hold of it with the mind and do not be discordant among yourselves. Call to mind Allah’s favour that you wear. You were enemies and He accorded your differences and you cherished different principles and practices and by His grace you are now in one accord. You were on the edge of the bottomless abyss of Hell and He saved you from eternal disaster. Thus, Allah expounds to you His revelations so that you may hopefully be guided to His path of righteousness.” (Al-‘Imran: 103)

Because of their lack of commitment to the order of Allah to stick to unity, which is achieved as a result of their adherence to the divine speech – the holy Qur’an – strife between the two sects arouse. This strife has led to conflict and fight among them for fourteen centuries or more. Allah has warned them by saying: ” Indeed, those who broke the unity of their religion and separated it into parts in fact and in thought, in opinion and in feeling and in interest and set themselves at variance shall have much to answer for; you are not a part of them nor have you a personal relation with them nor will you be responsible for the way they conduct themselves in life. Their account rests with Allah Who shall inform them in Day of Judgement of all that they perpetrated of wrong doings.”. (Al An’aam: 159)

In this verse Allah warns Muslims that the Prophet who came to call for monotheism calls them to adhere to the Book of Allah, which unites them and protects them from division and conflict among them. They did not follow what these orders by in the verses of Allah that urges them to unit. They were divided into sects and parties. The prophet is no longer one of them because they have followed the tales of men and demons. Muslims no longer follow the Prophet because of their dispersion and fragmentation while the prophet calls for unity, cooperation, collaboration and non-separation among Muslims.

For this reason.. Muslims deserve the wrath of Allah!

Allah’s wrath fell upon Muslims as they aroused strife and wars among themselves. They destroyed their homeland, they killed their children and abandoned their women, and they shed the blood of millions of innocent victims. The Muslim blood was shed unjustly and aggressively because they abandoned the Qur’an and did not follow the divine approach. Allah Almighty warned Muslims by saying: ” And he who turns his back upon My spirit of truth that guides into all truth and does not keep Me in mind shall live a life of misery and hardness of fate and circumstances and We throng him in Day of Judgement as blind, lacking in intellectual, moral and spiritual perception as he was in life.“. (Taha: 124)

Therefore, there is no one single verse in the Holy Quran that orders to follow any of the false doctrines that does not match what Allah has revealed to them. The divine speech calls all people to Islam and unity and to stick to the faith of Allah. The divine speech warns against dividing Muslims into different sects, groups and parties. The divine speech urges Muslims to stick to one term (Muslims). Adhering to this claim removes the causes of division and partisan. The only affiliation should be to Islam, in confirmation to the Almighty saying:” He who adopts a system of faith and worship other than Islam simply bends on a system of faith and worships which does not have the standing upon the vantage ground of truth. Such a system of faith shall not be accepted from him and he shall be a great loser Hereafter.“. (Al-Imran: 85)

In this verse, Allah will not accept Muslims on the Doomsday to use names and terms other than Islam without false doctrines fabricated by humans for political reasons or to achieve the individual interests. The true Muslim is the one who follows the divine approach in the Qur’an, and follows what the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – had practiced of religious rituals, to apply the moral behavior, to follow virtue, and to adhere to justice in human dealings and relationships based on mercy and charity and to move away from injustice in all its forms.

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