An Arab tragedy… Jewish and Persians scholars had carried out their scheme

It is 14 centuries now, during which the Arab Muslims blood did not stop flowing on the Arab and Islamic lands, except for few times that can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This blood flow did no6t stop for one minute to catch our breath, and to ask about the real reasons behind that ordeal and great tribulation we are living. Is it because wrong thoughts in our minds, or in our faith, or in our weakness and lack of mental abilities?

Perhaps the true reason is all the previously mentioned causes, along with other reasons. All these reasons have led us to what we are suffering from today. The great Islamic scholar and thinker Ali Muhammad al-Shurafa al-Hammadi explains to us the historical, jurisprudence and Qur’anic evidence in his great book that reveals the truth: “Muslims … between religious speech and the divine speech” published by “Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution “. the writer reveals the real and main reasons for the shedding of guiltless and innocent Islamic blood by other Muslims or individuals who claim to belong to Islam. The writer confirms that it is due to the great conspiracy of the Jews and the Persians, who refuse the spread of Islam and revenge of the Arabs for belonging to the pure Islamic faith. To achieve that goal, they are carrying out a psychological and intellectual war against us for the past 14 centuries.

In his interesting book «Muslims .. between religious speech and divine speech», the Islamic writer Ali al-Shurafa al-Hammadi, assures that the plot has already succeeded. The reason for this success include the mistakes committed by the Muslims themselves, or more accurately, by the Muslim scholars and intellectuals, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This success of the plot has resulted in shedding pure blood of the Muslims without any legal reason. The writer clarifies that by saying: “Thus, the Jewish and Persian scholars were able to drown Arab Muslims in a war that has lasted for more than fourteen centuries and continues to this day as a result of the false and unjust tales attributed to the noble Prophet.

Iraq, Syria and Yemen are the victims of Jewish and Persians scholars

The evidenced is what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, and the rest will come if we do not correct the direction of the compass to follow the orders of Allah and to adhere to His book and method.

Therefore, Allah Almighty has warned us that Muslims should follow the verses and not the narrations. Allah Almighty says: ” So, these are cosmic signs characteristic of the vast scale of the universe and its changes which We relate to you O Muhammad in truth by inspiration actuated by the Spirit Jibril (Gabriel). If they -the infidels- refuse to acknowledge the truth as is featured in these signs; what then will convince them if this Quran and these signs do not?” (Al-Jathiyah: 6)

The Almighty said to his Messenger: ” A Book -the Quran- is revealed to you O Muhammad, laying upon you an immense responsibility for which you have been chosen. Therefore, let it not oppress your thoughts and feelings or depress your spirits, but use it and act upon it to warn those who deny the truth and to put those who have conformed to Islam in mind of their duties.” (Al A’raaf: 2)

And Allah Almighty saying to preach the message of Islam through Qur’an by saying: ” O you the Messenger: Proclaim and intimate all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and if you do not, then you Will have not proclaimed His message. Under His tutelage, Allah protects you from the people who are characterized by acts of prepensed malice and hostile intentions. Indeed Allah does not guide to His path of righteousness those who are. Given to infidelity” (Al Ma’idah 67)

Allah Almighty invites us to follow the Qur’an and nothing else by saying: “And you people, act, in accordance with all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and take not besides Allah tutelary guardians; they will influence you to revert in character to your aboriginal stocks. How little you people keep Allah in mind.” (Al A’raaf 3)

The previous verses explain that the task assigned by Allah to His Messenger is to inform all people of His message only through the holy Qur’an, and to teach people the purposes of His verses for the good of His creation, and to guide people to the ways of peace and to show them the rituals of worship and the noble values ​​that establish the way of life for human societies. Thus, morals, virtues and mercy is the basis of relations between people.

The Lord of Glory warns of “abandoning the Holy Quran”

The eternal knowledge of Allah Almighty has revealed that the Muslims will abandon the Qur’an, thus Allah Almighty says: ” And there shall the Messenger express to Allah, his Creator his discontent at his people; he says now as he said earlier in life below «O Allah my Creator, I presented to my people Your divine message but my people took a dislike to Your divine discourse -the Quran- and they rejected it as a groundless fiction, and what they formed in their minds they exhibited in action».” (Al-Furqan: 30)

This is a warning from Allah, fourteen centuries ago, to the Muslims, that the Prophet will complain to Allah on the Doomsday that the Muslims have abandoned the Qur’an. What will be the position of the advocates of Islam, and how will they defend themselves in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment?

What are the justifications of abandoning the Book of Allah and the adherence to the narrations instead of verses?

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