The holy Qur’an replies to the lies of Shiite imams

Do we, as Muslims, need imams, preachers, or even righteous clergymen to guide us to the true concept of the Islamic religion? Or do we need them to mediate for us to Allah on the Day of Resurrection? This question may be seen by some people as just a debate while others may see the issue as fatal and ideological question that may end the differences between the different sects and the various groups. The main reason for the division between Muslims is the differences between the scholars where each of these scholars exploits his knowledge to create his own doctrine for himself. Each scholar has his own followers who believe in his ideas and disbelieve those who oppose these ideas. Moreover, each of these scholars exploits the other scholars, the pious people, the companions and the members of the house of the prophet to promote their ideas and deceive the simple people and the illiterates.

In his valuable book ​​«Muslims  … between the religious speech and the divine speech», issued by «Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution», the researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi, reveals a lot of facts. These facts expose the false doctrines followed by many of the Muslims nowadays. The author confirms that the cause of the crisis that the Muslims are suffering from is that we have moved away from the divine discourse, represented in the Holy Quran. Instead, we have been preoccupied with a cycle of religious speeches and false tales that were falsely attributed to the Prophet. As a result, instead of being one Islamic nation, we have become hundreds of nations, sects and groups. These various sects direct their weapon to the hearts of their fellow Muslim brothers and not to the hearts of their enemies to defend the religion of Islam.

The lie of the intercession of Al-Hussein with Allah, echoed by the imams of the Shiites and the Persians

The Islamic writer Ali al-Hammadi, in this article quoted from his interesting book, “Muslims, between religious speech and divine speech,” explains that what the Shiite scholars say about an exceptional status and intercession with Allah of Imam Hussein bin Ali are mere lies that these scholars repeat in order to gain more followers. The author said: “How can they ignore the meaning of the verse:” You had better realize, O you people that those whom you invoke besides Allah are created beings like yourselves; therefore, invoke them and see if they respond if you truly believe that you are declaring the truth!. Do they have feet to go or hands to hold, or do they have eyes to see or ears to hear; they have neither the special faculties to perceive external objects nor the faculties of mind or soul, understanding or intelligence as bearing on action, behaviour or judgement. Say to them O Muhammad: «Call on your predominant partners who have authority over you besides Allah and let them devise their plan of unfavourable action against me and conduct it to conclusion, and give me no respite». (Al A’raf: 195-194)

And the verse of Allah Almighty: “The spirit of truth that guides into all truth is asserted as Allah’s own, whereas those objects they worship and invoke besides Him do not respond to them anymore than the thirsty who stretches out his hand to lift water to his gaping mouth but it never reaches his mouth. Indeed the system of faith and worship practiced by the infidels is simply worthless and leads them to the loss in the of error”. (Al Ra’d: 14)

In this verse, Allah challenges His creation to the fact that those whom this creation calls as Gods except Allah are just slaves. They cannot do them any good or any harm. If they have been unable to benefit themselves and death has come to them, they then cannot save others from it. How can they save others from the wrath of God on doomsday? They do not know what Allah has prepared for them on the Day of Resurrection, as a confirmation of His saying to His Messenger: “ Say to them: «I am not a novelty of Apostleship hither to unknown to you nor do I know what is to be or will be, nor what is in store for me or for you . I only submit to what is inspired to me by Allah and do what I am commanded to do, and I am only a spectacle and a warning.» ‘ (Al-Ahqaf: 9)

And the verse of Allah: “ We have disposed to the abode in Hell many of the Jinn and mankind whom We had foreknown to be losers; they carry hearts stigmatized with dullness of comprehension and eyes lacking perception and they have no ears for admonition. These are they standing similitude exact of cattle, in fact even worse, and these are the heedless of all truth”.. (Al A’raf: 179)

If the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) does not know what Allah will do with him or with other people, and he does not know his fate with his Lord, then how can Al-Hussein have such ability while he is dead in his grave and tells his visitors that Allah has forgiven their sins?

Allah Almighty challenges these people in the previous verse so they might understand the sequences of what their actions and wake up from their delusions. They should purify themselves from polytheism, and liberate their minds from dependence on myths and tales to correct their faith in the one God who has no partner, Allah only can give or take life, Allah is all capable, as confirmed by the Almighty: “ Do they purpose to wait until some fitting event presents itself and they distinctly perceive the angels or perceive Allah, your Creator, Himself by sight or. Some of His signs evincing both His Omnipotence and the truth of your mission! But when such overwhelming signs present themselves, no soul which did not surrender itself earlier to Allah’s Authority nor accomplished a useful purpose in virtue of its faith, shall profit of its submission now. Say to them: «Await the justice prepared above in heaven’s realm and we will await it also».

(Al Anaam: 158)

And the previous narration of (Jabir Ibn Yazeed al-Jaafi) – which was mentioned in an earlier article entitled «How did the Shiites exploit the emotions of the illiterate»? » has been marketed to people and to the illiterates, who do not read the Qur’an, do not understand the meaning of the holy verses well and do not know the truth about Islam.

The Shiite scholars exploit false accounts to attract new followers

They use the fabricated stories. They have put Al-Hussein higher than the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They have marketed this approach to deceive the Muslims. The Shiite elders and scholars aim at gaining the complete obedience from their followers and to enjoy the social status that people deal with them in appreciation and reverence that they satisfy their arrogance. They drive their followers as cattle so the imams in the Shiite sect cannot be disobeyed. They have a status of sanctity where the followers believe that obedience of the elders is a kind of worship and faith.

Moreover, these calls attract people through facilitating the burdens of worship and the demands of resisting oneself and controlling it. The claim of the Shiite elders and scholars to follow the religious education based on the likes of the tales of Imam Jaber Abu Yazeed – referred to previously – facilitate them the rituals of worship and obligations and open the door for forgiveness without bearing the hardships of worship and controlling the whims of the soul before doomsday.

This is the same as what happened during the middle ages in Europe when Indulgence was marketed. Therefore, most people accept these claims, they look higher to the elders and scholars because they will raise their fate on the doomsday and will enter Paradise without judgment.

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