This is how the Jews and the Persians succeeded in distorting the religion of Islam!

Sometimes the devil succeeds in infiltrating our thoughts and minds, and whispers to us and sheds his poison in our religious faith by questioning some of the divine commands. The devil does this through citing tales attributed to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and interpretations attributed to the prophet’s companions or to the famous ancient scholars. We find ourselves in deep confusion, should we believe what comes to our minds or reject it, and can there be a conflict between the verses of the Qur’an or between what Allah ordered us and what the Prophet told us (peace be upon him)??

Of course there can be no contradiction between the various aspects of religion. There can be no clash between the words of Allah and the words of the Prophet, peace be upon him. The truth – as revealed by the researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Hammadi, in his distinguished book «Muslims .. Between Rreligious Speech and Divine Speech”, issued by “Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publishing and Distribution. The writer says: “The fact is that we have fell prey to the great deceit of the Jews and the Persians, who infiltrated our knowledge and thoughts to spread their poison, and avenge the Arabs, among whom came the last messengers of Allah to the children of Adam, after the heavenly messages were an exclusive preserved to the children of Israel.

Hidden hands behind the distortion of the Islamic religion

In this context, the Islamic thinker Ali al-Hammadi says: «I do not at all exclude the idea that there are hidden hands behind the dispersion of the Islamic call and the creation of intellectual confusion of Muslims. These hands has developed and fabricated different tales attributed to the Companions, creating a state of contradictions, interactions and intellectual differences. This state of polarization has led to intellectual and dialectic conflict that turned later into a combat, which resulted in Muslims fighting each other.

These evil hands were the Jews who did not imagine that Allah would choose a messenger other than their people. They believed that the choice of prophets and messengers is confined to the children of Israel, because they are the chosen people of God, as they believe and call for. The Arab Prophet Mohammed aroused in the Jews feelings of envy and jealousy of the emergence of a prophet, carrying a divine book to all people who are called by the Jews as the “illiterates”. The other nations are not the chosen people of God. According to the Jews, the chosen people of God are the Christians and the Jews. The Jews do not respect the other people and they treat them in an inferior manner. Thus, the Jews have developed a sense of hatred because the prophet was not one of the “Chosen Children”.

The Jews sensed the danger of the Qur’an since the days of the Prophet

After their scholars studied the verses of the Holy Quran, that spoke about the Jews, they sensed the danger of the Holy Quran on their future, which would lead to the fall of their position among all peoples and the decline of their stature, and the danger that will be represented by Muslims if they follow the verses of the legislation of human relations in worship and relationships. These verses include noble values, mercy, justice, peace, cooperation and equality, and the prohibition of injustice and the illegal taking of people’s money, which will disrupt the Jews ambitions and selfishness to seize the wealth of the world and control the capabilities of the people.

So, the Jews started looking for different ways to distract Muslims from the Holy Quran, which is the basis of the message of Muhammad peace be upon him.

There is an evidenced in the verses of the Qur’an on the ill intentions of the children of Israel. The Qur’an has identified the Israeli character, and exposed their unlimited ambitions, and their readiness to commit the most heinous crimes to achieve their goals, including the killing of prophets, and their unjustified exploitation of the rights of people. Thus, the Jews fear that there will be a spread of the Qur’an and the religion of Allah in the world. In this case, Muslims will discover the danger of the Israelis to their interests, and the Jewish attempts to control the economies of the Muslim homeland to monopoly financial activity, to make people forced to serve the interests of the Jews. The spread of the Qur’an may result in knowledge of the truth and bad goals of the Jews and thus they will be renounced by human communities and be isolated and deprived to control the leadership of the world where they consider this as an acquired right through claiming the divine promise of God that they are the chosen people. The Jews consider the Qur’an to be holding in its verses a complete condemnation of their crimes in the past. Moreover, Allah warns people in the future of the aspirations of the Israelis to seize their claimed rights and control the capabilities of homelands through deceit, hypocrisy and treachery.

The Jewish attempts to silence the “voice of the Qur’an”

Therefore, the Jewish scholars began to search for various means to silence the voice of the Qur’an and hide the true interpretations of its verses. These scholars have developed multiple strategies to confront the condemnation document, contained in the verses of the Qur’an. They began to fight the Prophet during the time of his life through instigating the Quraish tribe on the assassination of the Prophet peace be upon him.

After the Muslim migration to Madinah, the Jews continued to drag Muslims to many battles with the Jewish tribes of Bani Qinqaa, Bani al-Nadir and the Jews of Khyber. After their failure, the Jews tried to gather many Arab tribes in the Ahzab war but they were completely defeated. When all their war activities failed, they turned to the psychological warfare through poking tales and spreading offensive rumors against the Prophet. The aim was to create a state of contradiction with the call of the Qur’an and the promotion of morals, virtue, justice and peace.

They attributed these tales to the Companions of the Prophet, and called the term (Hadith), to seek the credibility and convince people that these are the words of the Messenger of Allah to occupy a position of sanctity competing with the Qur’an and to create a state of confusion in the Muslims to take them away from the Qur’an and to exhaust Muslims in that trick of the Hadith (true / weak / narrated / acceptable / good / divine / inacceptable). The Muslims remained in a vicious circle for fourteen centuries and forgot the Qur’an as the basis of the Islamic message.

The Jews succeeded in filling the minds of Muslims with the Israeli tales which stray Muslims from the true thought and became so proficient in the minds that the tales were able to overwhelm the verses. The Jews used money to print millions of Hadith books, distributing them around the world so that the light of the Quran does not come out and people won’t be able to discover the Jewish truth. (They wish they could, with all the feeling in their minds directed toward falsifying the truth, quench the very light of Allah by word of mouth, (that is by propagating false rumours and uttering error against Him). But Allah shall continue to send His illumination -the Quran- which proceeds from Him until the souls have been lit by the divine truth and enlightenment has prevailed albeit this is hateful to those who refuse to acknowledge the truth.) (AlSaff: 8)

The Jewish writers and scholars wrote these books and encouraged people to read them. They utilized money for propaganda for these books and put the Hadith narrators in the status of reference to Islam to be the main source for the development of the jurisprudence of acts of worship and transactions.

The tales added another dimension in the creation of ambiguity and confusion when Muslims created multiple sources and each source had his own tales. This resulted in the emergence of multiple references and created contradictory and a misunderstanding, followed by the intellectual clash of Muslims. This clash led to war between Muslims where each sect claimed that it is the righteous sect and the conflict took place and turn into fighting as it is today.

14 centuries of “hidden and clear” Jewish wars against Islam

This chain has continued for 14 centuries. The enemy earned what he has planted and continued to exploit the land and the looting of wealth. The Muslims continued their fight and conflicts unaware that they are doing a great service to their enemies and to those who want to use them.
These accounts and tales have become the basis of the Sunni and Shiite religious speech and the other groups and sects after the case of division has struck a poisonous dagger among Muslims where a fierce enmity between Muslims ensued and resulted in an armed clash.

Muslims continued to quarrel with each other, in addition to the intellectual fighting of controversy and philosophies and conflicts wasted years in vain, and led to the abandonment of the Qur’an.

The Jews have achieved their goals, to isolate the Qur’an away from the lives of Muslims and to follow the divine approach. All the current evidences confirm the condemnation of the Qur’an verses of the Jews and the people of Israel. It is the divine warning that preached the future with divine wisdom.

Today, we see that the Israelis rule the world, control the global economies and media. The Jews have the ability to raise wars in order to maximize their financial capabilities. These capabilities are the weapon that the Jews utilize to control the people’s capabilities, create revolutions and corrupt morals. Allah has condemned the Jews, saying: (They never exhorted each other to laudable conduct but they shut their eyes to iniquities and abuses. Evil indeed is what they perpetrated of atrocities and wrong deeds.). (AlMaidah: 79)

Also, the Almighty says: (Have you not seen O Muhammad into the irreverent disposition of those who had their share of the Book and of divine Knowledge, (Ahl al-Kitab), how they exchange the guidance of Providence to the path of righteousness for the perplexed path in the maze of error and wish you would alienate you from the purpose of Allah and err and stray from the path of righteousness!). (AlNisaa: 44)

Also, Allah says (Among those who are imbued with Judaism are some who translocation the words of the Sacred Scriptures to alter the intended sense of Allah’s words. And they interpret their thoughts in words and in deeds; they say to you O Muhammad: «We have opened our hearts’ ears but their actions in fact to their words do not accord, featuring disobedience to which they give voice and insolently say: «We disobey». And they direct to you the words superficially denoting politeness and deep respect that you think they are saying: «We need you to apply your mind and your ears to us, and you are excused if you do not listen, but please attend to us.» In point of fact the way they pronounce the words with their tongues in their cheeks (or in Hebrew) admits of secondary bad meaning and insult of the religion, thus: Listen, may you never hear and be afflicted with deafness, you are a thoughtless bad one. But had they said: «We open to you our hearts’ ears and we obey, please listen to us and “unzurna” and direct your intellectual eye upon us;» it would have been much better for them and indeed honourable. But Allah has cursed them for their disobedience and their infidelity; how greatly shaken is their faith in Allah!. (AlNisaa: 46)

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