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The narrators of the hadith … the treason that overthrew Muslims in conflict

The author, researcher and Islamic thinker Ali Muhammad Al-Shurafa Al-Hammadi continues in this article to talk about the crisis experienced by Muslims as a result of distancing themselves from the correct understanding of the divine speech and drowning themselves in the dilemma of the religious speech. The author assures that the narrators of the Hadith – along with a large number of who call themselves or who are called by their followers “Shaykh al-Islam“, are the real cause of the political and sectarian conflict. This conflict was ignited hundreds of years ago, and is still burning, in the Islamic nation.

In his previous article, “A bold presidential call demanding the renewal of the religious speech“, in which, along with the current article, are the main introduction of his important book, “Muslims … between religious speech and divine speech“, which was issued by Al-Nokhba House for Printing, Publication and Distribution, the Islamic writer Ali al-Shurafaa clarified that the religious speech is in need of a renewal. This renewal should be undertaken by the scholars of the Islamic nation at the present time. Those scholars should have the courage to do so, without fear of the taboos that some people have tried to plant in our minds and souls over the last hundred years.

In this article, the Islamic thinker Ali al-Hammadi, the former manager of the Office of Presidency of the United Arab Emirates, adds his bold and enlightening call about the crisis that Muslims face because of the vast difference between religious speech and the divine speech. The writer says: “Some of those who are concerned with the call of Islam along with those who are so-called “narrators of the Hadith” have managed to brainwash Muslims with tales that drain the power of Muslims in political and sectarian conflict. This conflict has created psychological barriers within the same society, and lead to the spread of speech of hatred, which threatens the social peace. This conflict derived Muslims to stop thinking and urged them for the full acceptance of the tales. This trend was the real reason behind the Muslim withdrawal of the humanitarian and scientific civilization. The brains of the Muslims were flooded with myths. Muslims believed in these myths without thinking or checking, until these tales reached the degree of holiness. Moreover, some of the Islamic elders look at these tales in respect even more than their respect to the verses of the Holy Qur’an. Thus, these tales have overwhelmed the verses of the Qur’an.

The narrators of Hadiths were used to ignite sedition among Muslims

Currently, the Islamic nation is facing a serious crisis, where the bad people have been able to establish false accounts and tales that are hostile to the religion of Islam. These accounts deprive Islam of justice, mercy, peace, love and cooperation. These accounts replace those noble human values ​​with hatred, fanaticism, cruelty, murder and blatant assault on innocent people. This is a great insult to the holy Qur’an and to Prophet Mohammed, May the prayers of my Lord and peace be upon him.

These accounts have turned into educational curricula in anonymous books, taught at various Islamic universities to this day. These tales produced criminals, murderers and terrorists (such as ISIS, the Front of Nosra, Al Qaeda and Salafiyah Jihadiyah and Takfir wa Hijra and the Muslim Brotherhood and many others, and the rest come).

Those have intentionally misrepresented the image of Islam in the world. They have abandoned the principles of mercy and justice for all humanity. Also, they have, clearly and deliberately, ignored all that is stated in the Book of Allah of clear directions to follow the divine speech alone, so that the correction of religious speech can be achieved.

The Holy Quran addresses all Muslims and not the guardians of religion

Since Allah Almighty addresses the human mind and does not address the class of religious scholars, priests or the imams who have assigned themselves as guardians of the religion and claimed that it is their sect only who can understand the demands of Allah. Thus, it requires to call all thinkers and scholars in the various specialties, mentioned in the holy Qur’an, to develop a new legislation that agrees with the Holy Quran in aspects of freedom, justice, equality, compassion and cooperation among all people in all human societies. This legislation should seek to correct the great concepts of Islam that the tyrants, ignorance, Jews and Persians could obliterate the teachings of Islam and distort its image, especially after the emergence of new terrorist groups such as ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood and the similar groups who have violated the right of innocent people to live. The motto of “Allah Akbar” has turned to be hiding a suicide bomber who explodes himself in the peaceful citizens to spread their blood and tearing their bodies unjustly and aggressively.

It is our duty before Allah to correct the path, which has gone far away from the message of heaven fourteen centuries ago. We should work hard so that the message of Islam and its legislation can be based on justice, mercy, peace and equality among all human beings. In addition, we should call to uphold the Islamic noble values ​​and high ethics to be part of the universal civilization. We should save the Islamic nation from the callers for evil, greed of money and from the enslavement of human beings and from the greed of the thieves who profaned all taboos, and trampled on all heavenly laws. They became wild monsters who lost vision and their conscience had died. They are posing a danger to the future of human civilization.

There should be a search is in one divine reference, namely, the Holy Qur’an, where Allah Almighty said: ” There is not a beast in the animal kingdom on earth nor a bird moving through the air with its wings but form distinct nations like you people. We have not left out anything informative but included it in this Book, and all shall just the same be thronged before Allah, their Creator.” (Al An aam: 38)

This verse confirms that the Holy Qur’an laid the principles of justice and peace for all the believers and worshipers to be the only source for devising legislation in every era and to be valid for all times and places.

The shortest way to fortify our Arab and Islamic nation, and to fill all the pretexts that have been employed for centuries, to disperse Muslims into sects and groups, is to return to the book of Allah, which was revealed as guidance, mercy, cooperation, justice and peace for all people. May Allah have mercy on us and guide us to the right path.


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