Noor ala Noor

A Call for Muslim scholars to develop a unified Islamic Method

By the Emirati writer and thinker
Ali Mohammed Al – Shurafa Al – Hammadi 

This research is a sincere invitation to every Muslim who respects his mind and praises Allah Almighty and thanks HIM for the grace of reason and the names which HE taught Adam. Allah has deposited these names in Adam’s mind in order to enable him to acquire knowledge. Through these names, Adam was able to initiate laws for the purpose of establishing a world of just and peace.

It is a mercy of the Almighty Creator to send messengers and prophets with holy books convoying his teachings. The aim is to guide people and illuminate their way and to bring them out of the darkness to the light with science and knowledge. The aim of these religions is to help people to live in happiness, peace, prosperity and brotherhood.

In order to establish the law of Allah, people are given absolute freedom to choose their beliefs. Their behavior is guided by great values ​​which have never been experienced by any of the great human civilizations. These principles are justice, cooperation, mercy, peace and love among people.

This is an invitation to the intellectuals in all fields, and to the religious scholars of all sects in the Islamic world, to carry out a sincere research in order to get out of the disaster experienced by Muslims who lived in wars and conflicts for more than fourteen centuries until present. Through these centuries, tears, hunger and diseases spread mercilessly, and cities were destroyed because of enmity, conflict and hatred.
The intellectual Muslims are now invited to take their responsibility, without distinction of sect, group or party. The intellectuals should seriously and in cooperation carryout research in order to reach a united concept agreed upon by all. Research should be carried out to understand the meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran for the good of humanity. We should leave behind the sources of stories and tales. With full awareness, faith and certainty, the intellectuals should understand that the Islamic religion has one reference, the Holy Quran, revealed to His Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, who the Creator ordered to inform His people. The Quran is the basis of the laws needed by all nations and societies to organize their relationships on the basis of justice and mercy.  All Muslims should be united to deserve to be the nation which carries the torch of the divine light to illuminate the path for all humanity. Muslims should be pioneers in the path of mercy, justice, freedom and peace. Muslims should provide people with ways of good and cooperation and respect for human rights and cultural development. Muslims should be brave in front of Allah, themselves and their communities. Muslims should be sincere and adapt straight manner towards the divine law, to reconsider and investigate the truth in the holy book of Allah and to search for the causes of disagreement between Muslims since the death of the Prophet …

How and why Muslims have long gone away from the application of the law of Allah in the divine discourse, and the values ​​and ethics that He called for all people for good, love, justice, peace and thinking in the holy Qur’an and to identify the implications of its verses, and the purpose of Allah and His mercy to mankind. Allah promised mankind with countless blessings, where he subjected all his creatures to serve them.

All Muslims are united by one book, one Quran, one Prophet and one method of worship. We should work to remove the division among the Muslims and deprive their enemies of exploiting the existence of the different doctrines to provoke strife and wars among Muslims. At the same time, these enemies enjoy the wealth of the Muslims, destroy Muslim countries and kill Muslim victims.

Why and who is the beneficiary of all these crimes and those wars? When will the killing and destruction stop, and how will Muslims be able to extinguish the flames of sedition?

This will not be achieved unless we return to the Book of Allah His Holy Qur’an, which lights the way for us to bring us out of the darkness to the light.

If we did, all Muslims will enjoy Allah’s mercy and blessings and security, stability and peace will return to the Islamic countries and to the whole world. And for that, Allah commanded us saying:

(And you people, act, in accordance with all that has been revealed to you from Allah, your Creator, and take not besides Allah tutelary guardians; they will influence you to revert in character to your aboriginal stocks. How little you people keep Allah in mind.).

(Al A’raf: 3)
we should obey the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), as he transmits the message of the Lord to people through the Holy Quran, Allah has revealed the right path which is to worship the one Allah to rationalize human behavior and to guide mankind for the path of good and cooperation with all other people of all religions and races. The prophet warned humanity of sin and guilt to protect man from his own evils and set him to follow the path of good, to gain the best reward of Allah on the Day of Resurrection.

Allah has entrusted His Messenger Mohammed to carry the message of Islam to all people through the holy Qur’an to guide people to the good and upright path. Prophet Mohammed delivered the message with honesty and faced various kinds of abuse, hatred and rumors with unshakable faith that Allah will grant him victory. Prophet Mohammed continued his call without fear or hesitation until Allah completed his religion, and accomplished His grace in the last pilgrimage of the Prophet.

This is clear in the verse, where Allah commanded Prophet Mohammed saying:

(Today have I complemented for you your religion and made all grace abound in you.). AlMaidah (3)

In this verse, people are informed of the completion of the message that Allah has revealed to His Messenger to be a guide for people and a light that brings them out of the darkness to the light. This is the conclusion of the messages deposited by Allah in the Holy Quran. And the faith in all the messengers and prophets before him, where Allah Almighty put in the divine discourse of people the values ​​of justice and equality and the dissemination of peace and cooperation between human beings and divine legislation regulates the relationship between Allah and the believers and regulates the relationship between man and his society. Also, it has a show of marital rights and the rights of orphans and regulations to regulate the relationship between man and other human beings in all relationships and that people are to devise laws that govern their lives based on compassion and divine justice legislation.

And Allah Almighty reserved his right to judge people on the doomsday, as saying:

(Unto Us shall be their return. And then, their judgment will be Our concern)

(Al-Ghashiyah: 25)

Allah chose His Messenger from among His creation, to carry the message of Allah to the people, Allah says in his holy book:

Say to them O Muhammad: «I am only a mortal like you, but I am prompted by Allah to impart to you the knowledge inspired to me. It emphasizes that your Allah is One and only, the Creator of the whole and of all in all». «Therefore, he who acknowledges Resurrection and Judgement and hopes to be welcomed in Allah’s heavenly realm and be a recipient of His mercy and blessings will have to imprint his deeds with wisdom and piety and never to incorporate with Him, other deities nor invoke besides Him any
(Al Kahf: 110)

The Almighty said to his Messenger:

(«Say to them: «Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes; am I in any respect but a human Messenger!»).

(AlIsraa: 93)

The Almighty describes the mission of His Noble Messenger by saying:

(Allah has been gracious to those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand. He raised in their midst a Messenger who is related to them by kinship and by spiritual qualities into which they all entered. He is a Messenger who shall recite to them His revelations, impart sanctity to them and teach them the Book -the Quran- and acquaint their hearts with wisdom, notwithstanding that they were once lost in the maze of error and liberally swam in immoral pleasure.).

(Al-“Imran: 164)

Allah has sent his messenger to teach people and explain the divine legislation to them and clarifies the benefits that will return to them because of following the orders of Allah, the Almighty says:

You people have always had an exemplar of the Messenger of Allah who displays a good quality as well as a magnificent attribute of a great master whose conduct induces imitation by the one in whose bosom hope springs eternal of Allah’s mercy and of the bliss of the hereafter and applies remembrance to Allah often enough.
(Al Ahzab: 21)

the believers are asked to follow the morals and good deeds of the Prophet, where Allah has set the Prophet as an example for the true Muslims in their worship of Allah and their manners and behavior, which Allah has prescribed for them in a way that elevates man with values ​​of faith and lofty ethics.

In order to correct the misconceptions and distortions scribed in the writings of jurisprudence through the various interpretations, which relied on the accounts attributed to some companions of the Prophet and were narrated orally more than two centuries after the death of the Prophet, in the interpretation of the meanings of the verses in the Qur’an and the confusion in the convictions of Muslims, This resulted in the distortion of the image of Islamic religion to other peoples, when each group depended on its own concept, and each group relied on its scholars as a sole reference. Every group adopted a single reference in all matters related to the jurisprudence of acts of worship and dealing with others. The division of each sect led to the creation of independent social entities in the community, some of them considered the other groups as infidels.  This has been caused by the fatwas and human interpretations supported by the tales of misguided varied sources to disperse the Muslims away from the curriculum of the Qur’an.

I do not rule out the assumption that there are hidden hands behind the dispersion of the Islamic call and the creation of intellectual confusion for Muslims. These hands have developed different accounts and fabricated tales attributed to the Companions. These tales created a state of contradictions, conflicts and intellectual polarization. Each community has its own reference, which led to a stat4e of intellectual conflict and controversy and then turned into a material conflict, resulting in Muslims fighting each other.

These evil hands were plotting the evil plan, whether they were Jews who did not imagine that Allah chooses a messenger who is not a Jew. They believe that the choice of prophets and messengers are confined to the children of Israel, because they are the chosen people, as they believe and call. Prophet Mohammed aroused in them envy and jealousy of the emergence of a prophet with a divine book from amongst the people who are called “the illiterate” who are not the people of the Almighty, such as Christians and Jews. The Jews did not respect the other nations and did not respect them and treated them with inferiority, it created heartbreak and a feeling of revenge amongst the Jews that the Prophet is not affiliated to them.
After their scholars have studied the verses of the Holy Quran that spoke about the Jews, they felt the serious effect of the Holy Quran on their future, which would lead to the fall of their honor among the nations and the decline of their stature. The Jews felt that there would be danger that will be represented by Muslims if they follow the verses of the legislation of human relations in worship and transactions and urge noble values ​​of Mercy and justice, peace and cooperation and equality and prohibition of injustice and consume people’s money in vain, which will disrupt their aspirations and selfish ambitions to seize the wealth of the world and control the capabilities of peoples.

So they started looking for different ways to distract Muslims from the Holy Quran, which is the basis of the message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

As evidenced by the verses of the Qur’an on the ill intentions of the children of Israel, and identified the Israeli character and exposed their ambitions unlimited and committed the most heinous crimes to achieve their goals, including the killing of their prophets and unjustified exploitation of the rights of people and fear in the case of the spread of the Qur’an in the world and acceptance of people to join the religion of Allah. Muslims will discover what constitutes the danger of the Israelis to their interests and take control of the economies of their home and monopoly financial activity to make people forced to serve their interests, which may result in knowledge of their truth and bad goals to be rejected by human communities and isolated and deprived of what they look forward to in the leadership of the world, which they consider to be rights acquired by claiming the divine promise to Allah that they are the chosen people of Allah, and they consider the Holy Quran to bear full condemnation of their crimes in the past.

Moreover, Allah warns people of the future aspirations of the Israelis to seize their claimed rights and control the capabilities of homelands through deceit, hypocrisy and treachery.

Therefore, the Jewish scholars began to search for all possible means to silence the voice of the Qur’an and conceal its verses, and developed multiple strategies to confront the condemnation document contained in the verses of the Qur’an. They began to fight the Prophet during his life through inciting the Quraish tribes on the assassination of the Prophet peace be upon him.

After the Prophet’s migration to the Madinah, the Jews continued to lure Muslims in numerous battles with the Bani Qinqaa tribe, the Bani al-Nadir tribe, and the Jews of Khyber.

After their failure, they gathered some Arab tribes in the Ahzab battle and they were defeated completely.

When their battles failed, they turned to the psychological war to probe novels and spread rumors that insult the Prophet, which represent a contradiction with the teachings of the Qur’an and the promotion of morality, virtue, justice and peace.

They attributed these accounts to the Companions of the Prophet and called the term (Hadith), to seek the credibility and convince people that these are the words of the Messenger of Allah so these tales can occupy a position of sanctity and compete with the Qur’an and create a state of confusion among Muslims to guide them away from the Qur’an and make them busy in that tricky confusion (true Hadith / weak / narrated \ acceptable \ good \ refused \) and so on. Muslims remained in a vicious circle for fourteen centuries and forgot the Qur’an, which is the basis of the Islamic message.

The Jews succeeded in filling the minds of the Israeli tales that distracted minds of Muslims who became so obsessive that the novels were able to overwhelm the verses of the Holy Qur’an. The Jews ridiculed money to print the books of the Hadith in millions and to publish these books around the world so as not to highlight the Qur’an and discover the truth of the Jews. Allah says (They wish they could, with all the feeling in their minds directed toward falsifying the truth, quench the very light of Allah by word of mouth, (that is by propagating false rumours and uttering error against Him). But Allah shall continue to send His illumination -the Quran- which proceeds from Him until the souls have been lit by the divine truth and enlightenment has prevailed albeit this is hateful to those who refuse to acknowledge the truth.). (Alsaff: 8)

The Jews scholars wrote these books and encouraged people to read them, and used money for propaganda for these books. The Jews scholars put the narrators of the Hadith as the basic reference to the faith of Islam to be the main source for the development of the jurisprudence of worship and transactions.

The tales added another dimension in the creation of ambiguity and confusion when Muslims created multiple sources and each source possessed his own narrators. This dilemma resulted in the emergence of multiple references and contradictory created misunderstandings, followed by the intellectual and physical clash between Muslims who were also engaged in claiming each sect as the survivor one. This conflict occurred and turned into fighting as it is today.

This continuous series lasted for fourteen centuries and the enemy reaps the benefits and continues to exploit the land and looting of wealth. The Muslims continued their conflict and fights doing a great service to their enemies and those who target them.

These tales became the basis of the Sunni and Shiite religious discourse. Many more sects and groups appeared after the poisonous disunion was planted among Muslims. A fierce enmity between Muslims flourished resulting in an armed clash.

Muslims continued to quarrel with each other, in addition to the intellectual fighting of controversy and philosophies. These conflicts wasted years in vain, and led to the abandonment of the Qur’an.

The Jews managed to achieve what they wanted, to isolate the Qur’an away from the lives of Muslims and urging them to follow the divine speech. Today’s evidence confirms the condemnation of the Qur’an verses of the Jews and the people of Israel. It is the divine warning that preached the future with divine wisdom.

Today we see that the Israelis rule the world, control the international economies and media. The Jews raise wars in order to maximize their financial capabilities. Through the weapons of economy and media, the Jews managed to control the future of the nations, create revolutions and spoil morals of all people. The Almighty condemned them by saying:


They never exhorted each other to laudable conduct but they shut their eyes to iniquities and abuses. Evil indeed is what they perpetrated of atrocities and wrong deeds.”


Almaidah (79)

(Have you not seen O Muhammad into the irreverent disposition of those who had their share of the Book and of divine Knowledge, (Ahl al-Kitab), how they exchange the guidance of Providence to the path of righteousness for the perplexed path in the maze of error and wish you would alienate you from the purpose of Allah and err and stray from the path of righteousness!).
(Al Nisa: 44)
And also His saying


Among those who are imbued with Judaism are some who translocation the words of the Sacred Scriptures to alter the intended sense of Allah’s words. And they interpret their thoughts in words and in deeds; they say to you O Muhammad: «We have opened our hearts’ ears but their actions in fact to their words do not accord, featuring disobedience to which they give voice and insolently say: «We disobey». And they direct to you the words superficially denoting politeness and deep respect that you think they are saying: «We need you to apply your mind and your ears to us, and you are excused if you do not listen, but please attend to us.» In point of fact the way they pronounce the words with their tongues in their cheeks (or in Hebrew) admits of secondary bad meaning and insult of the religion, thus: Listen, may you never hear and be afflicted with deafness, you are a thoughtless bad one. But had they said: «We open to you our hearts’ ears and we obey, please listen to us and “unzurna” and direct your intellectual eye upon us;» it would have been much better for them and indeed honourable. But Allah has cursed them for their disobedience and their infidelity; how greatly shaken is their faith in Allah!”


(Al Nisa: 46)

Every time a prominent intellectual called on people to free their minds from the tyranny of the narrated novels of the Prophet, this intellectual is going to be accused from all sides, especially from the institutions called “Islamic”. It seems as if these institutions are affiliated to another religion other than that revealed to Muhammad – peace be upon him – in the Qur’an, which is the basis of the message of Islam. It seems that these institutions believe in a book other than the Qur’an, which Allah entrusted to his noble messenger to recite to the people and teach them the laws and wisdom and the purposes of the verses of the Qur’an and what is explained in the divine approach of legislation and values ​​and ethics. The aim of the Qur’an verses is to guide the various human societies and control the relations between human beings through defining their responsibilities in their communities to be a source of legislation and laws and to protect the communities from injustice and to preserve rights and prevent tyranny of one class over another so that all people can live in security and peace.

Thus, the Israeli propaganda managed to penetrate and control the minds of the Arab Muslims who will attack those who warn them and advise them not to surrender to the poison of the Jews that caused division and war between the Arab Muslims. These wars consumed the Arab fortune and land for fourteen centuries, indicating that the Jews were able to miss the minds of the Arab Muslims to the point of targeting the book of Allah, which the messenger of the Lord delivered to spread mercy to the world and rid them of ignorance and unawareness and to liberate them from the worship of idols and call them to learn. The Holy Qur’an called people to use science to carry the heavenly flame of the Holy Quran to urge the minds of human beings to seek to gain the blessings of Allah. The faith of Islam calls to subject land to the interest of man to fulfill his happiness which can be achieved through spreading justice, virtue, peace and security among people.

So they were able to spread the Israeli tales on the tongue of the Prophet’s companions as if these tales were the sayings of the Prophet – peace be upon him. These are lies and fabrication. The trick spread amongst Muslims and the wicked and evil plot succeeded in taking Muslims away from their holy book, which guides to the best as Allah Almighty says:

(This Quran does indeed guide to the best way of moral rightness which has had everlasting residence in the character of the Godhead and to the uprightness of decision. It announces joyful tidings to those who acknowledge Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and with deeds of wisdom and piety; they shall be recipients of a great reward.).

(Al-Israa: 9)

The Jews found a good partner in their plot. This partner was the Persian scholars who took part in the execution of the same evil plan, the Persians were defeated and thought about revenge when the Muslims, with their few numbers, managed to defeat the Persian Empire led by Rustum. The Muslims defeated the Persian Empire and caused its fall. The Persians decided to retaliate against the Muslim Arabs when they discovered that the victory of the Muslims was not because of military strength or because of large number of soldiers.

The Muslim victory was because what the Muslim army carries in the minds and hearts. The secret was in the faith of Muslims in what Allah revealed to them in the Qur’an which is the mystery of victory. The Persians implemented the goal to distract Muslims from the divine discourse, the Qur’an. The Persians pushed some of their scholars to divert to Islam to learn about the divine secrets and discover the weaknesses of Muslims to be able to direct their arrows. The Persians adopted the same plot of the Jews using psychological warfare based on rumors and fabrications of accounts attributed to the Companions of the Prophet and surrounded them with a halo of sanctity to try to inspire the recipient to authenticate their tales. This sanctity was the path in order to grant authentication to the tales to make the Muslims believe in them and to make the Prophet companions the source of religion for people to follow.

They know that the Companions like every other man are human beings who may make mistakes and are not infallible. The sayings that were quoted on their behalf were not the truth. The names of the Prophet’s companions were used and employed to gain credibility. The companions knew that what was offered to them by the Messenger of Allah – Peace be upon him – was the verses of the Qur’an that taught them their religion and explained to them the purposes of His revelations. The only means of transforming the heavenly teachings was only what was revealed by the verses of the wise Qur’an.

Despite this, there was a dispute between the companions after the death of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). How many of them shed the blood of other companions during many of the wars that occurred between them? There is no infallibility for any of them except the Messenger of Allah – peace and blessings be upon him – since Allah honored him to carry the message of Islam to people.

The tales published by the Persians on behalf of some of the companions aimed to create a state of division between the Muslim Arabs to cause conflict and quarrel among them. This was to revenge the Muslim Arabs in retaliation for committing the crime of overthrowing the Persian Empire. Thus, this led to the emergence of a state of ratification, belief and conviction in those tales.

With the multiplicity of sources and purposes of narratives, sects have emerged. Each sect has adopted its own reference and narratives based on it in explaining its religious orientations and adopting it as a basis for its religious discourse. Each sect has its own religious discourse.

Through the spread of many references and the spread of the Takfiri thought (accusing other Muslims of abandoning Islam and working against its real ideas and teachings), each sect considered the others as disbelievers. Moreover, each sect believes that fighting the other sects is a Jihad for the sake of Allah, each of them fighting his own Muslim brother, and each of them believes that he is struggling for the sake of Allah. Two Muslims kill each other, they fall while each one of them shouting “Allah Akbar.”

In addition, in order to strengthen their religious discourse on which the Shi’a sect originated, the scholars of Persia relied on two bases for the export of their poisoned discourse and the creation of a religion parallel to the religion of Islam. They relied on the following:

First: the family bond of Al Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib to the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him . Al Hussein is a grandson of the Prophet through Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad peace be upon him. Depending on this kinship of the Prophet, the Persian scholars will support their religious discourse to be the sanctity and high status of that kinship. Al-Husain and his family were killed and their blood was shed in the battle of Karbala with the army of Yazid bin Mu’awiya, the ruler of Sham. The Persian scholars focused on the situation of injustice and considered it a struggle between truth and falsehood and an address for redemption of Muslims ​​to join the Shiite sect.


Based on the marital relationship between Al Hussein and the daughter of the Persian king (Shah Zanan), the mother of the imam Ali Zayn al-Abidin, who is considered the first of a series of twelve imams founded by the Shiite sect, he was affiliated to his mother and her father the king of the Persia (Yazdgerd).

Therefore, the Persians ruled out the brother of Hussein – Imam Hassan – because the founding rule of Imam Hussein is his marital relationship and the Persian affiliation of his wife. They put the tragedy in the service of their religious discourse and made Hussein the center of the Shiite discourse and exaggerated in his sanctification to the degree of making him as God, and that the member of the Shiite sect will be forgiven by Allah and be placed in a high level in paradise if he visited the tomb of Hussein.

The illiterates and the ignorant Muslims received this invitation and it became their only refuge in their lives and in the Hereafter. Through these attractions, the Shiite scholars were able to attract these people when they facilitated the costs of worship and the obligation to apply them. It is the visit of the tomb of Al Hussein that will be the cause to forgive sins and will grant the visitor the reward of one Hajj (pilgrimage) and a thousand Umrah.

Second: The second factor is Ali Zine al-Abidine ibn al-Hussein, grandson of the king of Persia. Al Hussein married the daughter of the king of Persia, who was one of the captured woman slaves after the defeat of the Persian army. The name of this wife was «Shah Zanan bint Yazdjarad”, king of Persia. This kinship of the king of Persia contributed to the sympathy of the Persian scholars with the sanctification of Hussein. The Persian scholars led the Muslims away from the message of Islam, which was revealed to Muhammad – peace be upon him -, and was delivered in the book of Qur’an. They made a deep rift in the message of Islam, so as to create the ground for a permanent conflict between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Thus, every Muslim turns away from the Qur’an that calls for unity. Fighting and sedition is fed from the enemies of Islam to exploit their home lands and to loot their wealth and disrupt them from the march of progress and development of what is good for the Islamic people.

Let us take a look at some examples of exaggeration and the exploitation of the emotions of illiterates and their seduction as follows (on the Shiite religious discourse):

The Visit of Imam Hussein bin Ali – peace be upon him:

Imam Jaber bin Yazid al-Jaafi, one of the imams of the Shiite sect, the companion of al-Imam (al-Baqir), said that Jabir al-Jaafi said: Abu Abdullah (peace be upon him) said to his son (Al Mufadal)

– How long between you and the tomb of Hussein (peace be upon him)?

– You are equal to my father and my mother, a day or a part of a day.

– He said: Do you visit him?

– He said: Yes.

– He said: Can I tell you some very good news?

– I said: Please tell me.

– He said: He said to me: The man starts to get ready and prepare for the visit and the inhabitants of heaven will be very happy for the visitor. If the visitor came out of the door of his house riding a horse or walking, Almighty Allah will designate four thousand angels to pray for the visitor until he reaches Al Hussein (peace be upon him). When you arrive at the tomb of Al Hussein Ibn Ali (peace be upon them) stood by the door and say these words.

– I said: What are these words please?

– Peace be upon you, O inheritor of Adam, peace be upon you, O inheritor of Noah, the Prophet of Allah, Peace upon you, O inheritor of Abraham, peace be upon you, O inheritor of (Moses). Peace be upon you, O righteous martyr, Peace be upon you, O righteous guardian, Peace be upon the souls that have been dissolved by your craftsmanship, Peace be upon the angels of Allah who came to visit you, I bear witness that you have established the prayer and paid Zakat and ordered the Virtue and forbid the evil and worshiped Allah sincerely until you met the Creator, peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you.

Then you start walking, with every foot raised or put you have the reward of a martyr who sacrifices his blood for Allah. When you reach the tomb, touch it with your hand, and say peace to you the evidence of Allah in heaven and earth. Then you go to your prayers and with each rak’ah besides the tomb you will have the reward of one thousand Hajj and ‘Umrah, and the reward of this who freed one thousand slaves. You have the reward of this that supported a prophet of Allah one thousand times. When you leave the tomb of al-Hussein (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), an angel of Allah calls you saying, “Glory be to you, O servant. Your previous sins and misdeeds have been forgiven, resume your work. If you died in this year or night or day, the angels say, “O Lord, this is your servant, and the tomb of your prophet’s son has been visited, now this servant has come back home, where should we go now? The Lord replies “Stand in front of his house and pray until the day of his death”. The angels stand there and mention Allah until the visitor dies. When the visitor is taken to his grave, these angels stand by his grave and mention Allah until the day of Resurrection).

(End of quotation).

This statement is based on the Shiite religious discourse and they were able to convince their followers, knowing that this discourse is completely contrary to what was mentioned in the Qur’an.

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