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[:en]In the recent times, the Arab and international scene witnessed some terrorist bloody events that were practiced in the name of Islam. There are sectarian and Islamic conflicts between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Sometimes, these conflicts take place among the sons of the same doctrine. The Muslim weapon is no longer directed to the enemies, but became directed to the hearts of the Muslims!

These horrific events highlighted the need to review the Islamic religious heritage. Moreover, these events reflect the need to explore the hidden causes that drive an outlaw group such as “ISIS” to practice all these acts of murder, terrorism, terrorization, terrorizing the safe people and killing the innocent women and children under the banner of Allah.

From this point of view, the “Al-Tanwer” website aims at correcting the misconceptions and distortions appearing in the writings of different Islamic religious scripts. Some of these writings have been based on accounts attributed to some of the companions of Prophet Mohammed, which were transmitted orally after more than two centuries from the death of the Prophet. We aim at clarifying the resulting confusion in the convictions of Muslims.

This confusion has caused the distortion of the image of the Islamic religion in the minds of the affiliates of the other religions. That is because each Islamic group has become independent on its own concept, and depended on its scholars as a single reference in all matters concerning the jurisprudence of acts of worship and dealing with others. Each sect concentrated on its doctrine in a way that created independent social entities in the same society. Some sects considered the other groups as infidels because of the human interpretations that were based on stories of misguided sources to disperse the Muslims away from the curriculum of the Holy Qur’an.

In order to reach this goal, this site offers an open and liberal reading free from the traditional frameworks of unilateralism. Since the Qur’an has never been a theological, and has not established any theological tendency, but is a message aimed at liberating man from injustice, ignorance, slavery and selfishness. The Qur’an aims at achieving tolerance, justice, rationality, acceptance of the other, spread of peace, pursuit of knowledge, science, creativity, humanism or respect for oneself as God’s successor to the earth.[:]

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